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Sep 28, 2011

Dead Man Walking

S. Fl Top ICE

Top immigration official pleads not guilty to child-porn charges in federal court (Miami Herald):
The South Florida head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement pleaded not guilty Wednesday to a federal indictment accusing him of child-porn offenses on his computer, including transporting and receiving images of minors “engaging in sexually explicit conduct,” according to the Justice Department.
Anthony V. Mangione, 50, of Parkland, was also charged with possessing messages stored on his computer that contained “additional images” of child porn during the same period of the alleged offenses between March and September of last year.
Mangione, arrested Tuesday, showed no emotion at his federal court appearance in West Palm Beach.
If convicted of the three separate charges, Mangione could face up to 20 years in prison, according to authorities. Each of the transportation and receipt charges carries a minimum-mandatory sentence of five years.
Mangione, who worked as a federal agent for nearly three decades until his suspension as the regional ICE chief last spring, was taken into custody Tuesday by Broward sheriff’s deputies and FBI agents outside a Publix supermarket in Coral Springs.

To Save the Children

Underage and irresponsible drinking

In a first-of-its-kind collaboration, F.E. Warren Air Force Base will collaborate with state and local governments and law enforcement to cut down on underage and irresponsible drinking, officials announced Tuesday.

While initially limited to Cheyenne, the program if successful would serve as a model for similar efforts elsewhere in Wyoming, Mead said.

Here Piggy...Piggy

I've posted a couple of times on the theft of meat in these hard times.  Here and Here

Now it seems that these "Pigz N Da Hood have moved on to "fresher" pastures.

Tick Tock folks the boogey man's a come'n


Thieves recently made off with 150 hogs worth $30,000 at a Lafayette, Minnesota, facility owned by Ryan Bode's family. This time last year, Bode said, hogs were going for between $120 and $130. Their market price has risen to about $200, a real incentive to bring home the bacon.
 The hogs weigh between 250 and 275 pounds and are market-ready. Thieves strike isolated areas, and vehicles used to haul the hogs may be shielded by tall corn still in the fields. "You probably won't notice anybody going up into the site," Bode said.
 Another 560 hogs were stolen from a farm in Kandiyohi County, Minnesota, Chadderdon said. And, according to media reports, thieves struck in multiple locations in Mitchell County, Iowa.

And here from another part of the country.

Thieves are going hog-wild along the border of Iowa and Minnesota.
About 1,000 pigs have been stolen from at least three counties in past weeks, say authorities, with soaring prices a likely motive.
Farmers are locking their buildings and some wonder if one of their own is behind the crime wave.
The pig rustlers back trucks up to unguarded hog houses that contain thousands of pigs, according to police. They load up a few dozen animals at a time into a trailer and drive off under the cover of night.

The Gift That Keeps On

Have you gotten suckered into the "No Fly List" or the "Terror Watch List"?

Guess what....It looks like if you get on one of the "LISTS", it's about the same as getting a Samsonite suitcase or a case of Herpes.

You get it for life!

FBI Watch List

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is permitted to include people on the government’s terrorist watch list even if they have been acquitted of terrorism-related offenses or the charges are dropped, according to newly released documents.