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Oct 2, 2011


Make your own conclusions if this type of thing hits CONUS.

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From On-News, google translated:
Bartzokas George, Attorney-President of the Citizens' Movement - Borrowers, told newsbomb.gr said: "This is a historic decision, as it is the first court decision that removes 100% of the borrower's debt . handled flawlessly Article 8 paragraph 5 of N.3869, whereby the court clears the debt because the borrower is a long-term unemployed and has not even cover the minimum, both for itself and for dependents. Surely others will follow such decisions. "

The Court rejected the claims of the banks that loan, is not determined by "who" finds the amount for the cost of living and that of her family, although included in the notice of application data permanently prevented payment and the necessary documents.

"This decision of the district court Larissa is a victory of borrowers against banks, which, let's not forget, give consumer loans without guarantees. Act 3869 will ultimately vindicate the indebted households and especially those who are truly economically impossible debt repayment, as the unemployed and the economically disadvantaged, "says the newsbomb.gr o President George IKNA Lechouritou.

It should be noted that decisions issued by local courts for citizens who seek legal assistance following the failure of-court settlement increase exponentially. It is, in the overwhelmingly positive and achieves remission in 50-60%. For the first time, but a court decision provides the total debt cancellation.

But I Still Have Checks in the Book??????

Coming later today as dawn cracks in Greece, other things will begin to crack as well.

 Hercules Headed to the Po House

Greece will miss a deficit target set just months ago in a massive bailout package, according to government draft budget figures released on Sunday, showing that drastic steps taken to avert bankruptcy may not be enough.
The dire forecasts came while inspectors from the International Monetary Fund, EU and European Central Bank, known as the troika, were in Athens scouring the country's books to decide whether to approve a loan tranche. Without that installment, Greece would run out of cash as soon as this month.


What do you do to the suckers that pop up around a tree?