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Jul 31, 2013

R&R Time

If you know this beach, then you know where I am.

If not...know I am on it drinking a beer, or fishing or doing not a fucking thing but relaxing.

It's family time!!!!

Jul 30, 2013

Jul 18, 2013

Become Radioactive

Just like this video portrays, become that wolf in sheeps clothing.

When the time is right, shed those clothes and feed the inner beast.

Jul 16, 2013

Ammo Shortage Myth

It seems that the shortages of ammo in in the US was a .gov thing like many of us were saying.

The Canuks it appears never saw the big spike in price or supply shortage.

A classic Onion article explains that “Perky ‘Canada’ Has Own Government, Laws“. And now, it appears, Canada also has something else: ammunition for sale, and lots of it.

In perusing this Reddit thread on the ammo shortage, I was surprised to learn that Canadian Reddit users aren’t have any problems buying bulk ammo of any type, at only slightly elevated prices. User linuxbman reports that for 22LR, he’s “paying $20-$25 for a box of 500.” Another user urges fellow Canadians, “don’t mention the 1600 round crates of 5.56 for $449 that we have available everywhere.” 

Jul 12, 2013

Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin

Backwoods Home has a good article online and in the magazine about butchering pigs by skinning, not scalding and scraping as in this post.

You don't want to be dependent on anyone for your food.

I'm not.  The above is my oldest FFA project for this year.  She caught a calf at the San Antonio Scramble this year and placed 21st out of 1500 at the Houston Livestock Show for Sr. Livestock judging and recieved a $1250 certificate towards a steer or heifer.

This enabled her to buy a animal with a good base of genetics.  She is a Beefmaster and is bred for the Texas climate.  Somefolks new to this arena need to remember this.  Breeds, animal or plant, need to be acclimated to that regoin.  what grows good here in SE Texas, might not in Washinton state.

This years project, we had bred to a huge beefmaster bull and she will calve next March for the freezer.  She is 14month old and 1000lb.

Bill continues to preach this.  Many haven't taken his advise.  He started this venture to help us and himself.  Now he is forced to go a route with it he didn't intend to.

Goes to show you you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink.

Same goes for some in the community.

Oh well...

I will continue to diversify and expand my capabilities.  I will buy, trade, sell, apprentice, whatever needs to be done to accomplish this.


Shopping for a new Himmler


Naps is out to be the leader of an indocrination center in the SSC (Socialized State of California) 


Jul 5, 2013

Writing on the Wall

While this is from mid June it still shows that more units are gearing up for this style of confrontation CONUS.

 Charollte NC June10th
The following photos depict soldiers from the 252nd Combined Arms Battalion training in June for their role as a “rapid reaction force” capable of responding anywhere in the state of North Carolina within “four to eight hours with additional forces arriving within 24 to 36 hours.” The same unit trained in March to respond “to an emergency ahead of federal assets by providing site security, establishing roadblocks or checkpoints, and assisting civilian authorities in controlling civil disturbances

The exercises depicted below were held from June 10-14 at an abandoned shopping mall and a water treatment facility in Charlotte. Soldiers trained to suppress protesters who perform a sit-in as part of a fictional group called “The Pink Panthers.” According to the North Carolina National Guard, the exercise at the water treatment facility tests soldiers’ “ability to use nonlethal force to disperse a crowd of aggressors.” Photos of the exercise show soldiers