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Apr 30, 2012

III Liberty Conference


Sam is sounding the call to meet on the Green.

via Kerodin
I am calling for a III Liberty Conference in Washington DC just days before the Election and the Buy a Gun Day.

We are in this place of inaction rooted in indecision, in a time that requires direct, aggressive action to counter the efforts of the Enemies of Liberty.

Calls for us to mix and mingle in OWS and similar steps are too little, too late.  Calls for us to engage in Secret Squirrel machinations are a stain upon the noble goal of Restoration of the Constitution, as ratified.

We need to short circuit the process in a way that declares who we are, what we intend, and conveys our absolute commitment.  We need to stand up and be counted.

We will have Liberty or we will embrace Death.

Time is short.

I have decided to take point.  If you decide this is not for you, so be it.

For Once....Partial Truth

The truth I am referring to is at the 2:50 mark.


 The tempo is increasing.


Watch your 6

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A Solution to Racial Bigotry

BATFE to Rebrand

Apr 29, 2012

It's Hardwired

Real world life & death shit.

The sheeple don't understand.  But then again, they haven't since the dawn of time.  It's in their coding.

That's why the Lord coded some different.

The species of animal is irrelevant.

Nature is nature.

I wonders what the PTB's would do if someone paraded their trophy around like the Russians did in the end.

What does your coffee say about you?????

Metro-sexual pussy ass bitch if you drink from one of the below.

Apr 27, 2012

NYPD: Quality is Job...


You can't make up shit this funny.  How is that academy thing working out???  I guess you need a new firearms instructor.  LMAO.

NY cops fire 84 shots at suspect, who lives

Endangered Species

Houstonians Revolt Over TSA

Unintended consequences goes both ways.

The people of Houston said NO!! Just like the peasants of 13th century England

via ABC13
"METRO and TSA were going onto the buses and questioning people about their normal routes and their normal behavior, and it just kind of creates an atmosphere of fear," Broze said.

There aren't any photos of searches and METRO says none were done. After Thursday's showdown, the METRO chairman said it will stay that way so long as he is chairman.

"It's not going to happen while I am chairman -- putting in place random searches and seizures. We're going to get to the bottom of this and we'll have a lot more dialogue," Garcia said.

Enemies of liberty, you have been warned .


While this is the continued assault on small farmers, it will be utilized on all small business.
In the governments latest assault on the small family farm, we learned about a family who is fighting the federal government after it seized their bank account and stole $70,000 of their hard earned money.

It seems the Sower family, who owns the South Mountain Creamery in Middletown, Maryland, is being prosecuted by the Department of Justice under the post-9/11 “Bank Secrecy Act”. The act makes it illegal to deposit less than $10,000 if you have deposits totaling more than that. Never mind the fact that it’s your money, the feds can literally freeze and seize your account if you don’t deposit your money in accordance with the federal governments new rules.

The Borg mama ship is fast approaching.

Will you assimilate?

They say resistance is futile.

Prove them wrong

Apr 24, 2012

Stocking Stuffers

Danger Will Robinson !!!!

My wife and I teach the high school Sunday School class at our church.  This past Sunday, I had the opportunity to weave our cause into the lesson.

The lesson was about choosing to stand with God and the passage was Exodus 32:25-32.  In this Moses was coming down after being on the mountain with God.  As he came into camp, there was Aaron and the other Israelites dancing around with the golden calf.

Moses chastised Aaron for succumbing evils of idolatry.  Moses was going through the camp in a rage.  He took the golden calf, burnt it, ground it to dust and made the children if Israel drink it.

This wasn’t enough to sway the shameful ways of the people.


Levi and all his sons came to stand with Moses.  They then put on their swords and slew every brother, companion and neighbor, totaling 3000.

We are at that point in this nation.

We are a nation of false idols.  Look at the kids.  All they want is the newest, fastest, biggest screen phone, tablet, etc, etc, etc.

They have not a care about anyone or anything else other than themselves.

So I asked the kids in the class if they knew of someone taking a stand.  They all shook their heads no.

So, I asked them about a stand that a small group of people took 237 years ago.  Again, none knew.

So I explained about their  fight for freedom.  The stand that these patriots took against an oppressive government.  Just like the Israelites did when Moses led them out of Egypt.

 I then wound this into the Civil war and how the South was taking a stand against the oppressive Yankee regime located in the swamps of the Potomac.

I asked what they thought about someone searching their homes, cars, bags on a bus with no reason.  They all said no.  “Would you take a stand for the 4th Amendment”, I asked.  None knew what that was.

I explained the first five amendments to them.  What they were, how they protected us.  How they were being slowly eroded away.  Just like our Faith is being done.

They had questions of how can they do this, why, someone should do something.

I said that unless someone took a stand, they were going to be just like the Israelites were in worshipping the golden calf.

All it takes is for one person to stand against.  Just like David did against Goliath.  One small boy took down a fierce warrior that everyone feared.

I saw sparks in their eyes.  A slow awakening to my message.

Will they become fully awake?  I don’t know.  But I will not stop from striking the fire starter.  I hope that given enough spark, the tinder will catch and they too will have the fire that we do

I struggled for a title to this post.  The only image that danced behind my eyes was the robot from Lost in Space racing around, arms flapping, yelling “DANGER WILL ROBINSON”.

That is us….

Will enough people hear it?

Blobby Light

Some humor for the morning blues.

Apr 20, 2012

Mass Hysteria Will Soon Follow-updated

Update:  KD has a post up that will drive them batshit crazy when it comes to fruition

Not only is that damage consistent with the claim that Zimmerman was having his head bashed against the concrete sidewalk but two other things came out of the interview linked above that are of great importance to the development of facts surrounding that night -- the embedded data in the image file has a time stamp off the cell tower (it was an iPhone 4s) and geotag information from the phone's GPS matches the location. There's a high probability that photograph and the tags embedded in it will be deemed admissible evidence.
Finally the witness said that there were visible powder burns on Martin's clothing (one of the questions I had originally as their presence would be expected given Zimmerman's narrative of what happened.)

If this all holds up it's pretty clear that the legal standard of objectively reasonable fear of great bodily injury or death was met for Zimmerman, and if so the shooting was justified -- period.

The outrage and violence will be just short of the LA riots.  They want to save that for something special....

Like Zimmerman being found Not Guilty or the charges being dismissed.

George Zimmerman granted $150K bond

Judge Kenneth Lester said Zimmerman's bond will be set at $150,000. He will be placed on GPS monitoring, and will not be released from custody today.

via Zipper
Here’s what the over-zelous prosecutor wanted:
The state’s attorney is now making a case against leniency when it comes to the bond decision, and has asked for no bond, or a bond of $1 million.
The state’s attorney argued that Zimmerman is a danger to the public, citing not only the second-degree murder charge, but a previous charge of battery against a law enforcement officer, which was discussed at length earlier in the hearing.

I am a Southerner...

via Bonnie Blue

I am a Southerner...
I won't apologize
I won't be reconstructed.
I will not surrender
My identity, my heritage.
I believe in the Constitution,
In States' Rights,
That the government should be the
Servant, not the Master of the people.
I believe in the right to bear arms,
The right to be left alone.

I am a Southerner...
The Spirit of my Confederate ancestor
Boils in my blood.
He fought
Not for what he thought was right,
But for what was right.
Not for slavery,
But to resist tyranny, Machiavellian laws,
Oppressive taxation, invasion of his land,
For the right to be left alone.

I am a Southerner.
A rebel,
Seldom Politically Correct,
At times belligerent.
I don't like Lincoln, Grant, Sherman,
Or modern neocon politicians like them.

I like hunting and fishing, Leonard Skynyrd,
The Bonnie Blue and Dixie.
I still believe in chivalry and civility.

I am a face in the Southern collage of
Gentlemen and Scholars, belles and writers,
Soldiers and sharecroppers, Cajuns and Creoles,
Tejanos and Islenos, Celts and Germans,
Gullah and Geechi, freedmen and slaves,
We are ALL the South.

The South...my home, my beautiful home,
My culture, my destiny, my heart.
I am a Southerner.