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Mar 12, 2012

Broiler Project Update

The other day I posted in Dorkfish Outlaw about my oldest daughters broiler project.

Well we are 10 days into it and the chicks have quadrupled in size (at least).  These are birds from Texas A&M Poultry Science dept.  They are bred to grow.  In another 5 weeks they will dress out at 7-8 lbs.

Here is what they look like now.

While these are not the normal Cornish X broilers you can but from a hatchery.  They are the ones that all the kids in Texas get for shows from the local county fairs to the majors like Houston & San Antonio.

A big plus, I found a guy around BCS (Bryan-College Station) who will butcher them for $2.75 ea. 

What a deal!!!!!

So anyone looking to put some nice home grown chicken in the freezer, look at broilers.  From chick to freezer is about 8 weeks.

Man my mouth is already watering.