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Jan 27, 2012

Peoria Police Sgt Investigated by SS for FB Pic

You know what happens to snitches???

A post on the Facebook page of a veteran Peoria police sergeant depicting the photo of seven Centennial High School students in Peoria, four with guns and one holding up a T-shirt with a bullet-riddled image of President Barack Obama, was brought to the U.S. Secret Service's attention by a citizen and an "appropriate follow-up" is being conducted, a Washington D.C-based spokesman for the federal agency told The Republic Friday.

Bacon for the Fairer Sex

Compliments of Home on the Range

Scent by the gods. I sprayed it on. It didn't smell like I was dipped in bacon grease, it was a very elegant and subtle floral/spice/citrus scent, with the most decided undertone of BACON! 
Forget pepper spray for muggers. I have anti jihad spray for extremists!!

Just doing some redecorating

Look at the funny looking mother******

Bayou City CopDom.  

Walking down the street with a pint of Blue Bell.

JBT's set him up with with the post title for justification

When he saw what was going on, he got on the horn w/ his lawyer.

That's when they decided to make shit up & arrest him..

He fought it and won.

To bad it took a jury to clear this BS up.

Here's the story from FOX Houston

NASA & the Bridge: A Tale of Sheer Stupidity

You would think that if they can fly shit into space, land it on a different planet and drive it around, that they could measure the height of the boat and drive it under the bridge.

I like this quote.

And it's too early to speculate on exactly what caused the wreck

How about the damn thing was to tall??????

More .GOV incompetence.

I wonder how much they will suck from my wallet for this oops.

via yahoo

Two spans of the Eggner Ferry Bridge at US 68 and Kentucky 80 were destroyed Thursday night by the Delta Mariner, which was too tall to pass beneath the structure. No injuries were reported on the bridge or in the boat, which was carrying rocket components from Decatur, Ala., to Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.

The ship was traveling up the Tennessee River on its typical route to Florida's Atlantic coast when it hit the aging steel bridge, which was built in the 1930s and handles about 2,800 vehicles a day.

The U.S. Coast Guard is investigating the collision. And it's too early to speculate on exactly what caused the wreck until that probe is done, said Sam Sacco, a spokesman for ship owner and operator Foss Marine.

It's a Bird......It's a Plane....It's

Feel Good Gun Story of the Day

Any return fire is better than none.

via Reading Eagle

A store owner returned gunfire after a masked man shot at him during a failed robbery attempt Wednesday night at 10th and Robeson streets, police said.

Four armed, masked men were trying to rob the store when owner Teodro Reyes fired back at one of them, investigators said.

As the robbers fled empty-handed, one of them fired three shots toward the store as he ran north on North 10th Street, police said.