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Feb 15, 2012

Red Flagged-UPDATED

UPDATE: 1907

Here is the link to the cardiologist who initiated the stripping of Sarti's constitutional rights.

Also here is a short post from Sarti on this.


It looks like the back channel movement to strip away firearms and the rights to acquire them in now moving forward on the prepper community.

Below is from Infowars on David Sarti and how a doctor called the JBT's to arrest him, commit him against his will and red flag him in the NCIS from purchasing/owning firearms.

Why, because the doctor wanted him to have a surgery he didn't need or want.

Here is the story.
Back in November, Sarti, a resident of Lebanon Texas, visited a cardiologist named Andre C. Olivier, M.D., who examined Sarti and then told him tests would be run. After hearing nothing for two months, Sarti called to make another appointment on January 16th. The doctor informed Sarti there was nothing wrong with his heart but that he could have tubes inserted to help alleviate his breathing difficulties.

When Sarti refused to have tubes inserted, Olivier insinuated that he could be suicidal and insisted on Sarti going to the emergency room. Sarti refused and left the hospital but within 15 minutes of arriving home, police arrived at his house and forcibly took him to the emergency room.

Sarti was subsequently placed in hospital for observation for a period of four days before an attorney and then a judge arrived to hear his story. Sarti repeatedly emphasized to doctors that he was not suicidal and would not commit suicide because of his Christian beliefs.

When Sarti later attempted to purchase a Glock 21 firearm, he was flagged up by the National Instant Criminal Background Check System and refused the sale. When he appealed, he received a letter from the FBI stating that he had been declared “mentally defective” and was not allowed to own firearms.

Some Facts About Calling 911

Bet you didn't know they get bonuses if they can get you to say incriminating things on the phone.

Do the same as the JBT's.  Name, address & emergency then STFU and hang up.

via CG&V

I make it a practice to never call 911. Instead I ask others to make those calls. If I must call them I give them the barest of information while ignoring their redundant and stupid questions. They get the location, the emergency I’m calling about and nothing more.

I avoid being cagy or rude, I simply tell them I have to hang up. If they try to call back I simply won’t answer.

The 911 operators view their role more as defacto police interrogators on a mission to obtain incriminating information. The 911 workers are not bound by Miranda rules. They are rewarded for any admissions they can pull out of a homeowner who shoots an intruder.

Calling 911 for a fire automatically puts you on the arson suspect list.

Getting a confession from a distraught caller almost always takes priority to saving lives with these folks.

It's Takes a Pounding

I got this via email form a longtime friend.

I got a good laugh.

The Little Lessons in Life

I have a 14yr old daughter who has a attitude problem right now regarding her chores & checking her mouth..  This is also one of the reasons I don't allow my kids on Facebook.

I may have to use this method with her.  Or better yet, have her destroy her toys.

It's the little lessons in life that have a big impact.

via The Blaze
As for the Stanly County Sheriff’s Office, it said Jordan didn’t do anything illegal.

So does Jordan regret making the video? Absolutely not. He writes his only regrets are using the word “ass,“ not wearing his best ”Sivlerbelly Stetson” hat, and maybe not cleaning his boots. Oh, and maybe he’d use a .22 next time instead of a .45. He even seems more fired up than last time.

“The kids today ARE self entitled, spoiled, adverse to working, and basically have NO usable skills taught to them in schools,” he opines. “Yes some of you out there excel. If you’ve graduated high school and at least pay some of your own bills, then I’m not talking to you. If you however are 25 and live with your parents because you’re too lazy to get a job, then yes, I’m talking to you. Half of that is the parent’s fault for thinking that the school system is supposed to raise their kids. The other half is a parent’s fault for letting our school systems get to the utterly pathetic state they are in. It’s your kid.. so no matter what it’s ALWAYS your fault.. get it?”

Tips on Document Forging