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Feb 17, 2012

UPDATED: Police Shoot Arizona Man While Holding Grandson

The Daily Mail out of the UK has more info on the thug shooter.

Here is the victim of this murder.
An Arizona Republic list confirmed by police said Officer Peters's first shooting was in 2002, when he was one of three SWAT officers who wounded a man during a standoff in a domestic violence case. 

Between 2003 and 2010, he was involved in five fatal shootings. In some, he acted alone. In others, fellow officers also fired. The Maricopa County Attorney's Office ruled them all justifiable


Not everyone agrees that Officer Peters always acts appropriately. Jason Leonard, a lawyer in Fort Myers, Florida, represented the family of a man killed in 2006 by him and another officer.

He is worried the city backs Officer Peters even when his actions are questionable. ‘My concern is that he seems to shoot first and ask questions later and has been supported in this policy,’ he said.

'My concern is that he seems to shoot first and ask questions later and has been supported in this policy'
Jason Leonard, lawyer

‘I don't think he's going after innocent citizens,’ Mr Leonard added. ‘However, if you find yourself in a precarious situation, he seems to err on the side of escalating the violence.’

Kevin Hutchings got into a fight with a friend in August 2006, then left and drove to his house in nearby Mesa. Officers had the friend call Mr Hutchings at his house, and police went there, Mr Leonard said.

While Mr Hutchings was talking on the phone, police cut the power to flush him out. Mr Hutchings came outside with a gun to investigate. Police said he shot at officers and they shot back. 

Mr Leonard said cops never announced their arrival. The family accepted a $75,000 city payout.

Your dose of CopDom for the hour.

Yep...That's how much this is happening.

A grandfather is shot in the head while holding his grandson.

The man did not have any weapons, but wait.....He had some guns in his house.

What utter bullshit.

What about the JBT that shot him??????

He has been involved in 7 shootings in the past 10 years.

Here is the story.

Go back to Mexico


Boy how many of us have wanted (and said) this?

This teacher in the Dallas area let it slip.

A whiny ass mexican kid kept asking for a test in spanish and saying "I'm a mexican, I'm a mexican".

via Texas Fred

Shirley Bunn, a math teacher at a middle school in Arlington, has been on paid leave since the Sept. 30 incident at Barnett Junior High School, according to a report on myFOXdfw.com.

She was handing out forms to her eighth-grade students when one of them repeatedly asked her for a form in Spanish, by saying, “I’m Mexican. I’m Mexican.”

According to documents made public in the case, the Fox station reported that Bunn told the student he could get the form in the office but he continued to argue by repeating, “I’m Mexican.”

She then blurted out, “Go back to Mexico,” the website reported.

I have no problem when folks from other countries immigrate here legally and become Americans.  It's the illegals and the ones just come here because they don't like their place, but don't want to assimilate.

Or Else......

JCS & WH are scared of Ron Paul.  They want to classify any support of him a partisan politics.

Those military members that are pushing this need to apply the same rules to the libtard left supporters.  But we know that won't happen.

via Infowars
—–Original Message—–
From: Weger, Joel A CIV OGC, Ethics [mailto:joel.weger@NAVY.MIL]
Sent: Thursday, February 16, 2012 8:17
Subject: [ETHICS] Partisan Political March
Importance: High
It has come to our attention that a partisan political march targeting
military personnel is being organized for February 20, 2012. See link
As a reminder, active duty personnel are prohibited by DoD Directive 1344.10
paragraph from marching in a partisan political parade regardless
of whether they are in uniform or civilian clothes. Reservists not on
active duty and retirees may not march in uniform pursuant to paragraph
4.1.4. Reservists not on active duty and retirees may march in civilian
clothes provided that they do not otherwise act in a manner that could
reasonably give rise to the inference or appearance of official sponsorship,
approval, or endorsement.
The directive is a lawful general regulation. Violations of paragraphs 4.1.
through 4.5. of the Directive by persons subject to the Uniform Code of
Military Justice are punishable under Article 92, “Failure to Obey Order or
In addition, DODI 1334.01, paragraph 3.1.2 prohibits the wearing of the
uniform by members of the armed forces (including retired members and
members of reserve components) during or in connection with political
You may wish to advise your command regarding this particular event because
of the apparent solicitation of active duty personnel.
Joel A. Weger
Senior Attorney
Department of the Navy
Office of the Assistant General Counsel (Ethics)

Alabama Supreme Court Issues Landmark Wrongful Death Opinion for Pre-Viable Infant

I bet the Planned Parenthood, Roe v Wade crusaders & in general baby killers are going spastic, bat shit crazy over the ruling that the Supreme Court of Alabama just handed down.

via Liberty Counsel

Today the Alabama Supreme Court issued a unanimous ruling that a mother may pursue a wrongful death claim on behalf of her pre-viable unborn child. In the case of Hamilton v. Scott, Amy Hamilton filed suit against several doctors and a medical group for the wrongful death of her unborn child, claiming that the lack of proper medical intervention resulted in the child’s death, which all the experts agreed was at the pre-viable stage of pregnancy and could not have survived if born at that stage of pregnancy.

Justice Tom Parker, joined by three other Justices, issued a special concurring opinion, in which he specifically addressed that Roe v. Wade does not prevent such a ruling and that viability is arbitrary and changes with medical technology. Parker wrote that Roe is out of step with every other area of law in which many state legislatures and courts have recognized the rights of the unborn child in wills and estates, tort or criminal law, and more. Parker also cites a prior ruling of the Alabama Supreme Court in Wolfe v. Isbell, 291 Ala. 327, 330-31, 280 So. 2d 758, 768 (1973), in which the court wrote “that from the moment of conception, the fetus or embryo is not a part of the mother, but rather has a separate existence within the body of the mother.”
Parker also wrote that “Roe’s viability rule was based on inaccurate history and was mostly unsupported by legal precedent. Medical advances since Roe have conclusively demonstrated that an unborn child is a unique human being at every stage of development.” He concluded by saying, “Roe’s viability rule is neither controlling nor persuasive here and should be rejected by other states until the day it is overruled by the United States Supreme Court.”

Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel, commented: “This decision by the Alabama Supreme Court is an example of a ruling consistent with legal precedent and logic. Recovery for wrongful death of an unborn child does not depend on an arbitrary line of viability, because that line is based solely on existing medical technology. From the moment of conception and at all stages of development in the womb, the unborn child is a human being. I applaud Justice Tom Parker’s clear and well-reasoned concurring opinion, which conclusively shows that Roe v. Wade’s viability rule does not apply, was based on flawed legal reasoning, and is undermined by advances in medical technology. The life expectancy of Roe is limited and is being undermined by every other area of law and medicine.”

Of gods & men

Do you ever wonder how incompetent people with badges are?  They think they are gods and above reproach or question.

Then reality slaps their pee-pee.

In LA yesterday a ICE agent had a beef with his boss and capped him.

Eric Rudolph, the Atlanta Olympic bomber, was able to clown the FBI for 5 years before he made a mistake.

Now in Utah, a "mystery" mountain man had eluded the crime fighting JBT's for 5 years in the wilds of the mountains.

The best of all...they have no clue who he is.

via FOX

He's eluded authorities for more than five years, a mountain man who roams the wilderness of southern Utah, breaking into remote cabins in winter, living in luxury off hot food, alcohol and coffee before stealing provisions and vanishing into the woods.

Investigators have clawed for clues, scouring cabins for fingerprints that match no one and chasing reports of brief encounters only to come up short, always a step behind the mysterious recluse