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Oct 19, 2011

Greece is about to FALL my friends

via Texas Fred

The collapse of Greece could be that spark and the fodder, The Occupy crowd, is already in place and are merely waiting for their marching orders.

There is a movement afoot, there has been for ages, to force a One World Government off on ALL of us. It’s a lot closer than some would care to believe.

As a good friend pointed out, “There’s a reason many Americans went to the gun stores in 2008. Nobody really knows the real reason for most, some say a sixth sense… The Obama factor played a part but I think the SMART folks in this world saw the writing on the wall and remembered history. We’re on that same road Europe took pre-WWII.. Appeasment at all cost until…”

That is from Rob at American and Proud and you need to check out his blog too. A good read!

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