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Mar 31, 2012

Standing up to Tyranny

This is what needs to happen today with the gross violations of the rule of law, Contsitution, DoR & BoI.


The 1946 battle of Athens, Tennessee

via PPJG

In 1946 the political corruption in McGinn County Tennessee was staggering.  A sheriff, a state senator and their followers had stormed the local post office, taking the locked voters ballot boxes as residents attempted to hold an election free from fraud.  What happened next is history.  Local veterans banded together and laid seige to the county jail where the sheriff and senator and various deputies had taken the ballot boxes to prevent any outcome that did not put them back in office.  In the gun battle that followed, the veterans were victorious.  It may be instances like this that cause Homeland Security to fear our returning veterans, labeling them [possible domestic terrorists]. Paranoia will do that to you.  Imagine fighting in those wars of aggression and then coming home and being treated suspiciously by the same government that sent you to war.

This is a 13 minute trailer on the “made for TV” movie, but it is inspiring in its content.  It just might help some of us understand why the 2nd Amendment is so vital to our survival.  It was the veterans who fought back against the corruption in Tennessee in 1946.

Surviving the Upcoming Suck

Survival in the upcoming suck will depend on how you can procure food & evade the swarming hordes.

Traps & snares will be an effective means of doing this while remaining quiet.

Here are some basic small animal traps & snares.

And here

If you are hunting a somewhat larger prey then one of these might work better.

FM 3-05.70 has a large amount of info that is very useful.  This is a must have and needs to be printed & saved.

Wilderness Outfitters on YouTube has a carload of video's on outdoor survival

If your tastes run to the bipedal variety, then here are some nice additions to your inventory.

Vietcong Imrovised Explosive Mines and Booby Traps


Texas Property Rights Victory

Retro Jeep

TWPD Commission: Hunting w/ Suppressors is OK

cool pics here

It includes all game animals.

Another reason to buy one, other than because I want one.

Mighty handy when hunting multiple species....

Texas: Use of Lawfully-Owned Suppressors While Hunting Legalized in the Lone Star State

Summer Healthcare Warfare Plan

via Ulsterman Report
Name Deleted -  told me his contact at -Deleted- indicated administration is already putting up warnings regarding summer chaos plan if SC decision goes against them.  Called it a “Healthcare Warfare” plan.  Muck up the administrative machine so badly there will be delays, confusion, and then anger. They are serious about it.
So add healthcare riots to the race riots that are coming this summer.
Have you stocked up all your preps?

Now is the time to make some last minute buy's.

The "Dog Days of Summer" are going be much worse with the scent of blood in the air.

Resist, fight & show no mercy.

Because they are sure as shit not going to show you any.

Abraham E. Obama

That's a negative, Ghostrider

Yesterday around 1330 there was a 2x2 flight in combat spread of F-16's go overhead at about 500 AGL.  Low enough to see that they carried wing tanks & TER's with Mk82's.  Don't know if they were dummies or HE's.

Overflights of my house by B-52's used to be a normal thing, but that was 10 years ago as they used the Lake Livingston Dam as a way point & target.  Last month after the long hiatus, the B-52's returned.

Mar 28, 2012

The Never Ending Story

Trayvon shooting police report

via Daily Caller
A three-page police report contains new details about the shooting death of Sanford, Fla. teenager Trayvon Martin.
It discloses that George Zimmerman, who shot Martin on Feb. 26, was in custody on the scene and told police that he had tried, in vain, to find someone to help him with his own injuries.
The report, filed by Sanford police officer Ricardo Ayala and published online Tuesday by the Chicago Tribune, indicates that there were at least six witnesses — three men and three women — who saw or heard some part of the events that led to Martin’s death. They ranged in age from 19 to 56, and included five people described as “white.” The race of the sixth witness was listed as “O,” meaning “other

Trayvon Martin Police Report

Up All Night email

If I had to sleep next to this, I would be up all night to.  But then again Barry doesn't like split tail.

Friend --

Every night in the White House, I see Barack up late poring over briefings, reading your letters, and writing notes to people he's met.

He's doing that for you -- working hard every day to make sure we can finish what we all started together.

This week, I need you to have his back.

Will you donate $3 or more to support Barack before Saturday's critical fundraising deadline?


Thank you.


FL Congresswoman: Zimmerman should be arrested “immediately for his own safety

And people wonder why we are so fucked up as a nation.

It's because of stupid assholes like this

At a Congressional forum on the Hill yesterday at which killed Florida teenager Trayvon Martin’s parents were asked to testify, Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL) took center stage. She claimed first that Martin had been victimized by racial profiling and a “botched police investigation.” But she went even further: George Zimmerman, the shooter in the case, she said, should be arrested “immediately for his own safety.”


Mar 27, 2012

What was that range?

A good question that will answer most of the Trayvon gum bumping.

via No Lawyers-Only G & $

What was that range?
If the range is determined to be within six inches and the bullet path matches Zimmerman's story then I have to conclude the two were in a fight at contact distance and Zimmerman was losing badly.  

Country Doctors

The way it used to be and still should be.

Make sure to read the whole post.  Good read.

I wish she was my doctor.

It's more a scene from the days of frontier medicine than from the modern health care system. And that's because Rutten Wasson, 42, is a throwback to a time before HMOs, electronic health records and hospitals with fountains in their lobbies. She sees patients the same day they call if she's not booked up, spends at least a half-hour per visit — compared to the more typical 15 minutes — and usually charges only $50 for a consultation. She takes cash or check, but no insurance — and sometimes accepts gratuities of a dozen fresh eggs or a pie.

"I have a few bottles of homemade wine in the fridge from patients," says Rutten Wasson. "In summer, I'll get pickles or tomatoes. I've received pork sausage, the kind that would convert a vegetarian."

FSA Road Map

Are you looking for a nice relaxing place to live....NO ZOMBIES?

Are you working up E&E routes?

Planning a hunting party?

Look no further......Here it is all wrapped up in one nice easy to use interactive map.

Drill down to the county level.

See what the FSA are feeding on.  Unemployment...WIC...Medicare, stc.

Underwear Flask

When a going to the bar takes just too much effort.

An American company has invented what it calls the 'Freedom Flask' - an underwear pouch that turns your crotch into a beer dispenser.

That, or really confuse the guy standing next to you. 

Ads for the questionable invention show a man holding an iced glass in front of a nozzle poking out of his zip fly, from which a golden brew flows. 

The American-made flask for 'the rowdy gentleman' was dreamed up by a University of Georgia graduate tired of trying to sneak beer into sporting events.

For just $24.95 you can 'Take it anywhere!' the website boasts, including 'concerts and festivals, bars and clubs, events with a cash bar, the golf course, movie theatre, the ski sopes' - and of course - 'a boring day at the office'.


Wild Bill Nye is getting back in the saddle.  And he ain't playing nice.

This is gonna be a fun ride.

Dark Days Ahead

If the EU Times is writing that Obama us driving us over the edge into being a full fledged communist country then it has to be true.

The fact that they are writing about it, is even scarier.

via EU Times

In what is being described as one of the most astounding power grabs in modern history by newspaper headlines around the World, President Obama has succeeded in his audacious plan to remake America into a full fledged godless communist empire barely one year into his term with the enactment into law by the US Congress of his mammoth health care plan innocuously named H.R. 3200-Americas Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009 and described by one Kremlin legal expert as having “nothing at all to do with health, but everything to do with control.”
To fully grasp the full and grim implications of Obama’s power grab over the American people with his Nationalization of the United States entire health care industry and student loan programme accomplished with the passing of this new law, it must be remembered that since taking office on January 20, 2009 he has also taken over their automobile,  mortgage, and banking industries too with the Internet said being next “in his sights”.

More insidious than these takeovers that have been destroying America’s once vibrant capitalistic system is the new regime these once free peoples are now destined to live under, and where under their new health care law will require all of them to carry a National ID card (page 58) and allow their government unlimited access to all of their bank accounts and personal records (page 159).

And in a chilling instance of the ancient prophecies for these time of The Mark of the Beast becoming reality, the National ID card all of the American people will now be required to possess (regardless of age) is to be combined with their new government ID card under their upcoming new immigration laws allowing them to work and is biometrically designed to “read” the backs of their hands.

[Note: According to the Christian Bibles Book of Revelations, the ancients warned of a future time when everyone, both small and great, rich and poor, free or slave, would receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads which without they would not be able buy or sell anything.]

Though many have tried to warn these Americans about the plans for their Nations destruction at the hands of the Obama backed communist forces who have taken over their country [including our March 2nd report “Russia Warns US Communist Threat Endangering Entire World] the propaganda organs in the United States have rendered silent nearly all opposition and dissident views from reaching them and they remain asleep to the true dangers soon to come upon them.

The internal use of military forces, beyond those contemplated in Posse Comitatus, are foreseeable.

From the Joint SF University.  Straight from the hallowed halls of tyranny.

The internal use of military forces, beyond those contemplated in Posse Comitatus, are foreseeable.
LINK to Thesis

The purpose of this monograph is to examine the elements precipitating this circumstance, provide SOF with a better understanding of changing domestic threats and operational capabilities of LEAs, and draw insights from the similarities and challenges imposed by transnational gangs and terrorists both domestically and abroad. The monograph will argue that SOF need new skills and training to assume the law-enforcement-like missions they are being assigned.

And here on page 81 is their reasoning for the whole paper.
The potential for dramatic changes in legal constraints. As indicated
earlier, Posse Comitatus may not be as restrictive as most officers believe.
Further, current laws regarding use of force may change, especially if the
public perceives an increase in risk to their personal safety.

Traitor Communist Whore & Crew

To bad the NVA didn't trip her into a punji trap.  Or one of those cheap commie AA rounds self detonate.

For years I have wished a painful violent death on that traitorous bitch.

via BG
Jane Fonda is going to be playing Nancy Reagan in a new movie. Oh yes. According to Variety, the reviled-by-conservatives actress/activist has joined the cast of "The Butler," the new Lee Daniels drama about a White House servant (Forest Whitaker) whose career lasted from the Truman Administration to Ronald Reagan's. Daniels is also looking to Liam Neeson to play Lyndon Johnson and John Cusack to play Richard Nixon.

Jump'n on the Band Wagon

Looks like all the crawlers in the US of A are going to try to jump on the Trayvon band wagon to cover up the crimes of their kids.  Kids being a relative term, not on based on age.

Drunk people do stupid things..  Committing crimes is one of them.  Being drunk under age just tacks on another misdemeanor.

Either way, Morrison is responsible for his actions. 

His actions just got him dead. 

His bad.

via Barrel Smoke
In Wisconsin, a homeowner defends himself and his family from some inebriated person on his enclosed front porch at 1 a.m.  The only reason I emphasize that it was enclosed is that it means that this person entered an enclosed structure that is part of this home.  The homeowner confronts the person and instead of complying, the person approaches the homeowner.  The homeowner fires a single shot from a handgun, killing the intruder. 
Two things you will notice about this case:
1. Apparently, what constitutes a "child" or "kid" has now increased to 20 years-old.
2. Skin color means you are completely innocent regardless of the circumstances.
The protesters are already out in force and I'm sure this homeowner will face threats against him for protecting his family.  Comparisons are being made to the Trayvon Martin shooting only because of the color of the individual's skin.

Official Terrorist Identification Chart

Which badge of honor do you wear?

Compliments of Kenny

Money Hungry Opportunistic Vulture Bitch

Word Up

Mar 26, 2012

Damn the Bad Luck

Facebook Asserts Trademark on Word ‘Book’

No comments.  Take it for what it's worth.

via Threat Level

Facebook is trying to expand its trademark rights over the word “book” by adding the claim to a newly revised version of its “Statement of Rights and Responsibilities,” the agreement all users implicitly consent to by using or accessing Facebook
You may recall that Facebook has launched multiple lawsuits against websites incorporating the word “book” into their names. Facebook, as far as we can tell, doesn’t have a registered trademark on “book.” But trademark rights can be asserted based on use of a term, even if the trademark isn’t registered, and adding the claim to Facebook’s user agreement could boost the company’s standing in future lawsuits filed against sites that use the word.

Pillow Talk

UPDATE:  Here is video from The Blaze.

I saw the video of this on FOX this morning.

They thought they were no hot mikes close by.

 Leaned in close like two lovers whispering in each others ear.

via The Weekly Standard

President Obama: "On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this, this can be solved but it’s important for him to give me space."
President Medvedev: "Yeah, I understand. I understand your message about space. Space for you…"
President Obama: "This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility."
President Medvedev: "I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladimir."

Mar 24, 2012


IMPLICATIVE DISCOVERY: A government document found buried in the online reference section of a Boston Public Library archive bolsters a growing mountain of evidentiary data against Barack Obama’s constitutional eligibility to be president. The document indicates that a consular officer issued a single certificate of statutory citizenship, within the time frame including August 4, 1961, to a child born to a U.S. citizen between July 1st and December 31st, 1961 in the Kenyan region of Africa. The record also reveals that the certificate was the only one issued for this specific type of arrival in the U.S. over a span of more than 18 months, among thousands from other parts of the world.

Double the Pleasure

These would be fun.

4000 gr of lead per clip.

Makes me feel tingly.

Whispers of Greece?????

Dallas is a heavy blue city.  They tend to fat just like Greece on their FSA wants & needs.

This happened Tuesday.

Two Molotov cocktails were thrown at the legislative office of Democratic Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis on Tuesday afternoon.

Totally Tubular Man

Some bad ass surfing from Tahiti in HD

Another Reason

Mar 23, 2012

U.S. Army Domestic Quick Reaction Force Riot Control

Getting ready.

Hit the link for the rest of the pics & info.

via Public Intelligence

The following photos are from March and February of this year and were taken at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington.

RAW: Video of Wild Politicians


Newly released video that captures politicians in the wilds of their natural habitat.

This new evidence sheds light on why the domestic politicians act the way they do.

Pretend it’s Obama

At the 37 sec mark.  "Pretend it's Obama"

How many of us have did this very thing?

Caesar Tyrannus Obama

Ann Barnhardt lights it up again with a great speech at a Pro-Life rally

Good afternoon. My name is Ann Barnhardt and I am the person who says the things that everyone else is too terrified, and too attached to earthly riches and power, to say. 

Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s, and render unto the Lord that which is the Lord’s. 

There seems to be some confusion as to what Caesar, in the form today of Caesar Tyrannus Obama, is owed, so please permit me to clear up any confusion on the matter once and for all. 

Caesar Tyrannus Obama is NOT OWED the broken bodies, decapitated heads and spilled blood of our pre-born children, even though he now demands that he be worshiped with such slaughter, and that we pay for it in a tribute attached to our now-mandatory health insurance policies and enforced by his tax collectors, or lose our earthly liberty. 

Caesar Tyrannus Obama is NOT OWED our fertility and ability to transmit and propagate human life itself, even though he demands that WE PAY for foolish young women to offer up their bodies to him, both in the forms of temporary chemical sterilization OR permanent surgical sterilization. 

Caesar Tyrannus Obama is NOT OWED our humanity, as he demands that we allow ourselves to be reduced to nothing more than economic units, upon which cost-benefit analyses will be calculated so that Caesar Tyrannus Obama may decide who lives and who dies, that he may rape the still-productive living and intoxicate himself on the blood of the unfit and economically burdensome dead. 

Caesar Tyrannus Obama is NOT OWED our souls, as he demands that we publically renounce our Crucified Savior and enter into mortal sin by cooperating with his satanic regime. Caesar Tyrannus Obama demands that either we join him, with his master, in hell for all eternity, or we will lose our earthly possessions, our liberty, and eventually perhaps even our lives.
With all of the Christian Charity I can muster, I say this to Caesar Tyrannus Obama: 

Go to hell. 

Antichrists like you are owed nothing but the scathing contempt of decent human beings. 

I will never comply. 

I will never submit. 

I will never renounce Christ. 

I will never betray my Savior. 

Confiscate my estate. Throw me in prison. Hang me at noon on the town square. I am not afraid, and frankly, I’d consider it an honor. 

I cannot be intimidated and I cannot be coerced to violate my conscience, because I fight under the Banner of Christ. 

And because I fight under the Banner of Jesus Christ, I FEAR NO MAN. 

I will render unto God that which is God’s, which is everything I have and everything I am. 

I can think of no greater honor than to climb up on the Cross and be crucified with Jesus at the hands of Caesar. 

For what little my wretched life is worth, may the Lord accept my sacrifice at Caesar’s hands, for the praise and glory of His Name and the good of all His Church. 

HAIL Christ the King! 

Viva Cristo Rey!

DoJ: Dept. of Jackoffs

Craig sends word that DoJ  removed it's seal from Stephens blog.  With out his knowledge or consent.

They removed it. They invaded his personal blog, violated his Freedom of Speech, and took down their logo. They physically entered his blog and took down their logo! Without warrant, without permission, they violated him. Well come violate me you motherfuckers.

So here's to tho the Holder crew, obama bitches and any other fucking socialist who care to visit us.



Twists & Turns of COMSEC

Not only do you have to worry about what you say while talking on the phone.

Now you have to worry about what's in the background.

SkyNet (Google) was awarded a patent for being able to use background info, such as temp, humidity, noises, GPS, etc) to target you for ads to your phone.

"A web browser or search engine located at the user's site may obtain information on the environment (e.g., temperature, humidity, light, sound, air composition) from sensors. Advertisers may specify that the ads are shown to users whose environmental conditions meet certain criteria."
 But Google says it will respect everybody's privacy.

All I smell is bullshit.

Thru the Looking Glass

I saw a short vid on shooting though glass, both ways..

This got me to thinking and running down info on it.

Here is a link that has some good info on shooting through glass.

A article by SAF on bullet deflection and glass.

Just some food for thought with recent news.

Shades of Green

The shades of green represent many different things.  Do you know what most are?

Here is most of those shades rolled up in one.

via Fox
The Green Climate Fund, which is supposed to help mobilize as much as $100 billion a year to lower global greenhouse gases, is seeking a broad blanket of U.N.-style immunity that would shield its operations from any kind of legal process, including civil and criminal prosecution, in the countries where it operates. There’s just one problem: it is not part of the United Nations.

And none of them are good.

The Ascendence of Sociopaths in US Governance

via Brock @ Free NC
........individual Germans during World War II were, as has been asserted, "willing executioners" – they were supporting the Reich for the same reasons the Marines, the Rotarians and the Catholics support their groups. 

The Ascendence of Sociopaths in US Governance

Now, I believe, it's out of control. The US is already in a truly major depression and on the edge of financial chaos and a currency meltdown. The sociopaths in government will react by redoubling the pace toward a police state domestically and starting a major war abroad. To me, this is completely predictable. It's what sociopaths do.
There are seven characteristics I can think of that define a sociopath, although I'm sure the list could be extended.
  1. Sociopaths completely lack a conscience or any capacity for real regret about hurting people. Although they pretend the opposite.
  2. Sociopaths put their own desires and wants on a totally different level from those of other people. Their wants are incommensurate. They truly believe their ends justify their means. Although they pretend the opposite.
  3. Sociopaths consider themselves superior to everyone else, because they aren't burdened by the emotions and ethics others have – they're above all that. They're arrogant. Although they pretend the opposite.
  4. Sociopaths never accept the slightest responsibility for anything that goes wrong, even though they're responsible for almost everything that goes wrong. You'll never hear a sincere apology from them.
  5. Sociopaths have a lopsided notion of property rights. What's theirs is theirs, and what's yours is theirs too. They therefore defend currency inflation and taxation as good things.
  6. Sociopaths usually pick the wrong target to attack. If they lose their wallet, they kick the dog. If 16 Saudis fly planes into buildings, they attack Afghanistan.
  7. Sociopaths traffic in disturbing news, they love to pass on destructive rumors and they'll falsify information to damage others.


Mar 19, 2012

Yankee Hunter

Oh how I wish it were a real production.  But the good people at SNN are poking fun at a new Tim Burton movie. 

Matthew from MissouriTenth.com decided to re-make the movie poster. He described his work as follows: ‘I thought I’d do a parody of the Lincoln movie poster, except my version is historically true.’
Burton tries to make Lincoln (once again) out to be a great American hero in him slaying vampires.

To bad he doesn't get his ass ate by them.

Proof that Bin Laden is dead

Man this is a good one.

Proof that Bin Laden is dead.

Big Boy Dodge Ball

It seems that the folks of the late great USA are playing the game of Big Boy Dodge Ball in the name of cheap gas.

So it's no wonder in cities along the border -- people are driving into Mexico to fill up their tanks -- where the price for a gallon of gas is around a $1.50 less.

"I do work with a lot of people who do go across the border for gas and other stuff, but they're risking their lives. There's no way I would do it," said Elizabeth Perdoza, a driver from El Paso.

So unless they can perfect the 5 D's, the may just end up like the movie poster below.

Soon the Free Will Become Forced

Looks like the black Indonesian and posse are grabbing second gear on the goal the Weather Underground set.  To reduce the "undesirables" by 25 million.

Soon the free will become forced.

All student health care plans covering female college students in the United States must include coverage for free voluntary sterilization surgery, the Department of Health and Human Services announced late Friday afternoon.
Virginia AG: If Obama's Mandate Stands, the Gov't ‘Can Order You To Do Anything’

Wisconsin Patriots

If there are any Wisconsin patriots out there, I came across a blog of "Rock River Patriots"

The Rock River Patriots are having a meeting in Fort Atkinson this Friday March 23rd at 6pm in the community room at the Dwight Foster Library located at 209 Merchants Avenue.

We have a lot of information to discuss including the past presentations on Agenda 21 and some unprecedented recent events.  This is should be a very informative meeting.  We hope to see you all there!

Scotch Eggs

This looks like a killer breakfast.  Compliments of Paratus Familiablog

Go here for the entire recipe.  You just gotta love anything with pig in it.

 Scotch Eggs
1 quart oil for frying
8 eggs (the original recipe called for 4 eggs - but we just stretched the sausage)
2 pounds pork sausage (bulk)
4 C dried bread crumbs (seasoned)
1 C flour
4 eggs, beaten

Paratus Familia blog

Take the time to check out this blog. & add them to the roll.

Plus it looks like she has some great recipes.


The FBI's Cookie Caper

FedGov is up to more hokey ass games.  Read about it over at Survival Blog.  He has some good suggestions to circumvent.

via Survival
It has come to my attention that from August of 2011 to November of 2011, the FBI secretly redirected the web traffic of more than 10% of SurvivalBlog's US visitors through CJIS, their sprawling data center situated on 900 acres, 10 miles from Clarksburg, West Virginia. There, the Feebees surreptitiously collected the IP addresses of my site visitors. In all, 4,906 of 35,494 selected connections ended up going to or through the FBI servers. (Note that this happened several months before we moved our primary server to Sweden.) Furthermore, we discovered that the FBI attached a long-lived cookie that allowed them to track the sites that readers subsequently visited. I suspect that the FBI has done the same to hundreds of other web sites. I find this situation totally abhorrent, and contrary to the letter of 4th Amendment as well as the intent of our Founding Fathers.

Mar 18, 2012

000 Dollars

The Theory of Regenerating Oil

 A good article here on the sustainability of oil.  I have never been a believer in "Peak Oil" or is was from dinosaur corpses.  But I also am not a petroleum engineer, geologist or work in the oil industry.

If there are others who know more of this, please chime in.





Benedict's of all Kinds

ATK in Minnesota was just awarded a contract by DHS to supply 450,000,000 rounds of 40 cal duty ammo over 5 years.

ATK was the incumbent and won the contract with its HST bullet, which has proven itself in the field. The special hollow point effectively passes through a variety of barriers and holds its jacket in the toughest conditions. HST is engineered for 100-percent weight retention, limits collateral damage, and avoids over-penetration.
 Something to keep in the back of your mind and the to put them on the naughty list.

Mar 17, 2012

We Have the Final Say

TL has another brilliant piece here.

He says in very easy words so everyone can understand.

We are the final ruling in the Supreme Court. It matters not what the 9 black robe charlatans say.  If we do not believe in what they say, we do not have to obey.

Fortunately, the Supreme Court is not the sole arbiter of Constitutionality. It was written for the people and finally to be enforced by them. I have no faith in justices, they are removed from the conditions we, the people, are subject to. They too often see wisdom in their own thoughts and too rarely see the folly.
 The socialist regime in the DC swamps will change their reasoning/tactics like a chameleon whenever they think it will  benefit them.  No matter what they will not stop. 

Unless they are stopped.

In the comments at TL's, Mt Top Patriot shines light on all the games of chance that are coming out of Washington.  Just like the red solo cup game in the movie A-Team.  They must keep everyone busy and distracted so they can complete their mission of the destruction of this country.

Crisis as a means.
A body of laws where everyone is conveniently an outlaw or criminal.
Rob an entire nation of its intrinsic wealth, jobs, and ability to create its own prosperity free of intrusion and meddling by the elites.
Jack up the costs of every staple of life, and eat out the existence of peoples lives through intrusion or imposition in the entire sphere of their lives. All so that folks are too busy trying to keep their homes, jobs, and basic necessities of living, to busy to rise up and throw the traitors, crooks and tyrants out. Long enough to impose such a level of tyranny it is next to impossible to fight the leviathan monstrosity of government without resorting armed revolt.

Fairy Dust-Revisited

I decided to repost this one.  It's from when I first started the blog up. 

Here is a helpful bedtime book to go to sleep.

Hit the link below and see what kind of fairy dust catches your eye.


Sometimes it helps to have some fairy dust in your back pocket....

For emergencies