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Dec 16, 2011

third thrust severed the jugular vein, as the blood spurted out in a stream all over me.

Read the tale of the turn of the century game warden form Africa.  The entire story is a nail biter, but the main point is below and after the jump.

CA has a post up about being able to do the deed.

You must be able to complete the act, but you must also be able to keep your head about you and continue to function while in the thick of it.

Either of these alone is good, but combined makes you a force multiplier.

From the Great Hunters via Your Crazy Uncle
What happened next, of course, occupied only a few seconds, but I vividly recall the unpleasant sensation of expecting the crunch of the lion's jaws in my person.

Our Choices at this Point

I put up a poll on the left sidebar about what our choices are at this point.

Take the time to chime in.  The poll will close out New Years eve.

The choices are compliments of The Bonnie Blue blog

When to Shoot the Colonels

SF Medic has a good post on the dichotomy of the military and who will & will not obey unconstitutional orders.

As far as the title goes, they are political appointee's.  So you make the guess.....you know they will CYA if the SHTF.  They are almost all chickenshits now days. 

via SF Medic

Besides, if some uppity colonel out there decided to start authorizing instruction about when to shoot the colonels, you can bet that pretty quick the President would no longer be pleased. Because he or she would know where that path must ultimately lead. Which is why uppity colonels don't stay colonels for very long. Political appointees, my friends. That vision you have in your head of the noble military protecting your rights is just a dangerous fantasy. A fantasy you have to get rid of right now, before it gets you killed.

"But wait," you say, "I know Sgt. Soandso, and he would never go along with a gun seizure." Maybe not, but then again, you might be surprised. To "not go along" would mean that he has to violate orders. This violation would at the very least be a career-killer, or possibly get him shot in an extreme situation. Shot by who? By all the other sergeants who don't want to get shot, of course. After all, the colonel only needs a handful of sergeants who are in it for a career, and a raft of lieutenants, captains and majors who one day want to be colonels. For you to have your rights protected would require that a sufficient number of each of these decide, simultaneously, to put on the brakes. It is easier just to shoot you for resisting and go about their day. Say it again, "political appointees."

Want to have some fun? Walk up to any active duty serviceman you wish, shake his hand and thank him for his service. Then, before you release his hand, pull him toward you slightly, look into his eyes and tell him, "now when the time comes, don't forget what your oath really means." Do this ten times, and the reactions of that little informal poll will tell you everything you need to know. Having divested yourself of that little fantasy, maybe you will have a chance to survive that gun seizure for the real battle later. At the very least you will have looked into the eyes of some of the enemy, constituted of complacency and obedience, you may one day face.

The Power of $$$$$

Go to the link and see if you partake in any products or services from the list.  If so, think how they are using your hard earned $$$$.

If their political views don't align with yours; it's simple don't spend it on them.

You are the consumer & hold all the cards, or $$$$$ because the pond scum politicians are shit with out the tit of political donations.

Click the link and sort them out.

via OpenSecrets

The Difference of 150 years

150 years is a long time.  Many things happen in that span of time.  Some things never change.

The below is courtesy of Brock @ Free NC.  Money quote is right here.

“When the President determined on war, and with the purpose of making it appear that the South was the aggressor, he took measures,” etc.

Nevertheless, he asserted that “slavery was the cause of the war:” “And to strengthen, perpetuate and extend it was the object for which the insurgents would rend the Union even by war.”

It was the intemperate agitation in the North against slavery, the refusal to submit to the decision of the Supreme Court in reference to the territories, and the instigation to massacre encouraged through many years that caused secession. But secession was not war.

This was in letters from Lincoln;s secretaries.  Straight from the belly of the beast.

So ask your self.....

How much has changed in 150 years?


Poke them in the eye


Do what ever, but DO NOT submit!

Some People's Kids....

Some peoples kids you just don't f#%k with.

via Oleg