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Apr 11, 2012

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Chicken Shit's-Part Do-Do

In the original episode of Chicken Shit's that took place in Florida, we saw chicken shit DA's not want to use a Grand Jury for fear of a No Bill.

Part Do-Do is from the state of "Share the Wonder" in which we begin to wonder about things.

But not so in rural Alabama, where the police actually told a white crime victim that they “don’t mess” with a local black motorcycle gang.

angered a black motorcycle-gang member who was in close proximity.  The gangster – part of the notorious “Outcasts of Alabama” 
The gang forced him out of the truck and commenced their revenge attack.  “After I saw the knife and then felt the stabbings I fell to the ground and played dead – I think that may have saved my life,” he said.
They told Stokes that there was nothing they could do, as it would be impossible to identify those who actually wielded the knives.  And then there was that more shocking admission.  Both Stokes and Boyd were told the same thing by the Adamsville police.

We “don’t mess with the Outcasts of Alabama.”