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Nov 23, 2011

PCSO: Plane crashes into Superstition Mountains


Large debris field.  Reporters are saying it is a Embraer ERJ135 class that may have been a mil flight.  As of posting they really don't know what happened and no airlines are reporting a missing plane.

This is in a remote area and rescue is having a hard time.

PCSO: Plane crashes into Superstition Mountains

Link for live news feed

APACHE JUNCTION, AZ - Crews are working to access the wreckage of a plane that crashed into the Superstition Mountains east of the Valley.

Pinal County Sheriff's Office spokesman Elias Johnson confirmed a plane went down in the mountain range and caused a fire visible from miles away.

ABC15 viewers reported seeing the crash and flames around 6:40 p.m.

Air15 video over the mountain range showed many separate areas of flames spread around the crash site.
Johnson said the size of the plane and number of people involved is unknown at this time.

Multiple sources tell ABC15 no commercial aircraft has been reported missing at this time, and local airports Sky Harbor International and Williams Gateway report all of their planes are accounted for.

It is unclear where the plane originated from.

The plane reportedly crashed near the top of the mountain at a height of approximately 4,500 feet.

Apache Junction Fire Department spokesman Dave Montgomery said crews are having difficulty accessing the site and it is possible the fire will burn itself out.

Crews from the Apache Junction Fire Department as well as the Pinal County Sheriff's Office have responded to the mountain to assist in accessing any potential victims.

Details about the crash are developing.

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