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Dec 27, 2011

Home on the Range List of Additional Deadly Sins (abridged)

I agree........

via Home on the Range

I saw somewhere that the Vatican added hurting the environment to the list of the seven deadly sins.

The current list:
Gruttony (does bacon count?)
Sloth (three toed or the other kind?)
Envy (but it's the XDM .45 in green and stainless)

Well, with all due respect to the church, if they can add "damaging the environment" to the list, I'm going to add a few of my own.

The Home on the Range List of Additional Deadly Sins (abridged)
Feel free to add your own.

Last Donut
Second Place
Monday Mornings
Monday Morning Breath
Cathy Lee Gifford
Pink firearms (sorry ladies, it's not a fashion accessory)
High metabolic rates
Women who treat other women as rivals
Express Lane Abuse

Barkley says - "Hey, you in the 12 item /cash only line - you have 33 bags of Doritoes and a second party check from the Bank of Kazakhstan? I don't think so "

Braille signs at the drive thru
Jealousy (even prisoners get time off for good behavior)
The Slim Fast "sensible meal"
Fat men in speedos
Fat women in spandex
Trophy Wife
Dumping someone by email
Barney the Dinasaur
Occupy Wall Street
Gun Bans
Edible Underwear (bacon boxers, perhaps, otherwise, no)
The Jennings .22lr
Turkey Bacon
Foreign Call Centers
Clingy women
Clingy men
Star Trek Voyager (Gilligan got home quicker than this crew)
Celebrity Fitness DVD's (picking up brass will do more for your gluts)
"Celibrity Designers" (Put "Kardashian" on a cow patty, it's still a cow patty)
Drinks with Umbrellas (EJ just informed me that if it is served on a beach, by a topless supermodel, that does NOT count).
Enzyte ads (buying a new .45 will put that smile on your face too)
Lack of Muzzle Control
And finally. . .

People that think the Government owes them a living

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