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Dec 6, 2011

Play'n in the Snow

WTN has a good write up on fighting in cold weather on different platforms.  This goes well with AP's write ups on how to deal with the cold and be functional.

For me, the cold weather thing is not an issue.  But who knows, things change.

But that's irrelevant, no matter the plant, tree or bush, there is fruit to be harvested.

via WTN

As we have discovered, winter operations require a tremendous amount of gear, logistics, and supply line. Knowledge and ability are a must. Slight difficulties any other time of year can be debilitating in the snow and cold. The dangers to life and limb are great.  Even when things are going well, they are doing so at a greater effort and overall cost to operator and team.  The skills needed to fight, function, and survive in these environments are many. But if you live in areas that enjoy these conditions you owe it to yourself to develop the talents of the winter war fighter. To be able to make war effectively where others are not capable sounds like my definition of a good idea.

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