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Dec 15, 2011

Role Call

As it looms over our heads that, the Politburo has decided to abort the Constitution with passage of NDAA.

So out of context is this that our enemies are asking WTF?

It now appears that the traitor, socialist, etc that is sitting in the Oval Office will sign the NDAA.

30 pieces of silver, I think not.  He/they enjoys this to much.

Again with this threat looming over us, there comes a point of when to ask "Where did they go?".  Some of us takes breaks from posting as real life intrudes on us.  One that we have not heard from for months is R. Sieker at Mental Pinpricks.  Don't know if something happened or not.  Emails go unanswered.

So from time to time, a role call  might be needed to make sure no one has been Houdini'd by TPB.

1 comment:

  1. Well Rich, I'm still alive. Mentally tittillated on a daily basis by the reports of the downward spiral of this society. Buckle-up buddy, place your pillow on your knees and your face firmly planted in the pillow. Likely as not only those near the tail section have a prayer of surviving inpact.

    I've been attending to the affairs of family and friends. I took a comment by AP to heart and I also decided to take an opportunity to "clean my hat".

    Hang in there boss.