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Dec 16, 2011

Some People's Kids....

Some peoples kids you just don't f#%k with.

via Oleg

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  1. Lincoln Instigated The Firing On Ft. Sumter - Quotes

    "You and I both anticipated that the cause of the country would be advanced by making the attempt to provision Ft Sumter, even if it should fail; and it is no small consolation now to feel that our anticipation is justified by the result. "

    Lincoln, Letter To Gustavus Fox on 1 May, 1861

    "He (Lincoln) himself conceived the idea, and proposed sending supplies, without an attempt to reinforce giving notice of the fact to Gov Pickins of S.C. The plan succeeded. They attacked Sumter it fell, and thus, did more service than it otherwise could."

    Senator Orville Hickman Browning's diary dated July 3, 1861
    (Lincoln's personal and political friend)