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Dec 7, 2011

Then They Came

You don't think that what we talk about on the web, blogs & other such venues can't happen here in the good ol' USA?

Think again.  One of us had it happen to him.  AP has the link to this post about it.  His friend gives the first hand account of how the FBI used a SWAT team to arrest a witness, that right, and did not provide a warrant for it.

They just did their usual thing.  All in the name of the Government!

 Arctic Patriot: It can't happen Here

And here straight from Joshua Bennet

This morning while I was working on a bid for a job, my phone quit working. I tried it a few more times and then thought about it for a minute and then asked my wife, is your phone working? It wasn't.

So I sat and waited.

Then they came.

I watched them scatter.

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