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Dec 30, 2011

UPDATED: WordPress Takes Down “Bare Naked Islam” Blog

UPDATE 12/30/11

via Holgers Awake

I just stopped over at Bare Naked Islam's site and to my delight, found the blog up and running on Wordpress.

Here's the headline that greeted me there:
Bare Naked Islam is back……sort of

WordPress now saying that CAIR had nothing to do with their decision to take down my blog (despite CAIR bragging about it all over the internet). But they still want me off by Jan. 6th.
So what the hell is that? Well, I'll tell you what - I did some digging on Wordpress after this charade was announced since I was a bit more than pissed off and I found that Wordpress is run by a collection of misfits with a corporate name of Automattic - I researched them a little and found their headquarters is in ....wait for it....San Francisco, California. Whoa, there's a big surprise.

The operators of Automattic reads like a Who's Who of tree hugging Leftist Occupying computer geek granola nerds.

Hopefully, we'll find out more of what really happened - if Wordpress is saying that CAIR had nothing to do with it then why was CAIR announcing this to the world before ANYONE knew? Come on Automattic...if they pulled your chain and you caved then at least admit it.

Wordpress isn't off the hook on this. Automattic isn't off the hook on this. And most certainly, CAIR is not off the hook on this.

How many more have we not heard about?????????

via Gateway Pundit

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) announced today that an anti-Muslim Internet hate site that contained a number of threats of violence targeting mosques, including the comment “I want [Muslim] blood on my hands,” has been taken down by its hosting company.

CAIR said visitors to “Bare Naked Islam,” hosted by WordPress.com, now see the message: “barenakedislam.wordpress.com is no longer available. This blog has been archived or suspended for a violation of our Terms of Service.”

Last month, CAIR called on the FBI to investigate the threats of violence targeting mosques posted on the blog and urged WordPress.com to remove it for violating the hosting company’s terms of service (TOS), which prohibit blogs that “contain threats or incite violence towards individuals or entities.” Articles and comments posted on “Bare Naked Islam” urged attacks on and desecration of American and European mosques.


  1. It seems the Saudis have been buying up sizeable chunks of the social media and this take-down is related to a $30 billion deal for US fighter jets.



  2. read about the F-15 deal and Longbow Apache deal earlier in the year.

    But I didn't know they had been buying up large shares of media other than FOX.

  3. I do not understand the Leftist fascination with suicide in the way they cuddle up to the islamists. Sharia would literally be the death of them.