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Jan 8, 2012

Bomb Explodes in Colorado Couples Car

There is more to the story that what is written.

But the real gem in this is DON'T PICK SHIT UP OFF THE STREETS.

Lafayette police: Bomb left in paper bag with victims' names on it

The device that exploded inside a car in Lafayette on Saturday afternoon, sending a husband and wife to the hospital with serious burns, was inside a paper bag with the victims' names written on it, investigators revealed this morning

Allyson Stone picked up the package and put it in the car as they left their home, en route to Boulder. Christopher Stone told police they had driven about a block and were mid-block on Ravenwood Lane when his wife began to open the package, setting off "some kind of explosive device that severely burned both of them," according to the news release.
Don't forget about this little tidbit of info.
 Following the explosion, Boulder County dispatchers initiated a reverse-911 call to the neighborhood about the incident. About 20 homes in the immediate vicinity of the car were evacuated as investigators spent the next eight hours securing the vehicle. 

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