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Jan 27, 2012

Feel Good Gun Story of the Day

Any return fire is better than none.

via Reading Eagle

A store owner returned gunfire after a masked man shot at him during a failed robbery attempt Wednesday night at 10th and Robeson streets, police said.

Four armed, masked men were trying to rob the store when owner Teodro Reyes fired back at one of them, investigators said.

As the robbers fled empty-handed, one of them fired three shots toward the store as he ran north on North 10th Street, police said.


  1. This is where a shotgun would be handy, the further away they are the more shot spread there is.

  2. There was also a home-defense shooting in Slaton last night. The burglar is dead. The two innocents, including the home-owner who shoot the burglar, are in a hospital in Lubbock.