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Jan 13, 2012

Houston......132k Illegals Working

The figure come from a report generated by the Greater Houston Partnership.

They have the false belief that amnesty for the illegal in Houston would make everything better.  Go on take another hit of acid.

Just think if that money was earned by real Americans.  What would that do to the 7.6% unemployment in the Houston area?

Look at the industry groups that have the highest salaries.Mining & logging $181k/yr.  Now pick up your jaw from the floor.

Think of all the money they send back to Mexico.  Did you know this is the second highest revenue for Mexico.

 2011 saw $23 Billion sent back to Mexico.

I have no problem with people from other countries immigrating here the right way and assimilating into America.  If you say you are a Mexican, German, Somali, etc living in America, then take your sorry ass home and don't let the door hit you in the ass.

We have enough REAL AMERICANS out of work.  Struggling to feed their families, keep a roof over them to be pandering for these fucking ungrateful asswipes.  They suck off the tit of the .gov through the food stamps, SCHIP, and other state/federal programs.  But officially, they don't qualify for them.  OK...take another hit of acid.  We all know they do.

Well enough of this.  I can hear my blood pressure screaming in my ears.

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