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Jan 23, 2012

Repercussions of NDAA?

Could this be the first incident in people saying "we will not stand for anything NDAA" or was it a night hunter?

Time will tell.

via Military Corruption

It was nearly twelve midnight on Friday, Jan. 20, at Camp Shelby, Miss., when a military policeman was shot while on routine patrol. His bulletproof vest stopped the slug and saved his life.

The unidentified MP was rushed to Forrest County General Hospital as a precaution. He was later released.

Officials at the largest National Guard training facility east of the Mississippi River are tight-lipped about who might have tried to kill the military policeman.

The gunshot came out of the dark and the attacker fled the scene. Sources say the incident could range from someone trying to steal scrap metal, all the way up to a possible terrorist incident. One thing is for sure. Whoever got off the shot, which struck the police officer in the chest, fully intended to kill the MP.

Investigators say the shooting took place at the North Gate, which begins at the southern boundary of the city of Hattiesburg.

The area on the 134,820 acre installation is usually fairly quiet late at night, with only a National Guard building and vehicle park in the immediate vicinity.

Both the Forrest County Sheriff's Dept. and the Army's CID are investigating. No word yet on whether or not the FBI has joined the search.

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