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Jan 17, 2012

Texas City girl wards off burglars with dad's gun

Compliments of Your Crazy Uncle

Another happy ending...compliments of a gun

via The Daily News
A 15-year-old-girl turned the tables on a pair of intruders early Saturday afternoon.

At 12:52 p.m., Texas City police received a call from the girl saying there was somebody trying to get into her house in the 7300 block of Meadowlark.

“She was home by herself in the bathroom and when she called — she was hysterical,” police Capt. Brian Goetschius said.

The teen said she heard the front door jiggle and when she looked out, she saw two men standing there, Goetschius said.

The girl called her father, her aunt and the police. Then she got her father’s handgun and went outside, Goetschius said.

One of the men had gone into the garage and was attempting to steal a pickup. The girl did not know where the other one was.

She confronted the man in the garage and he ran away, heading east on Meadowlark. He was followed by his accomplice, who had been inside, searching the house, Goetschius said.

“It had been ransacked,” the captain said.

LSW brings up a good point.  Watch for the fallout & screeching of how dare the parents have a gun that a teen has access to.

I was listening to the so called conservative talk show host saying it might not be a good idea for a teen to use a firearm to defend herself at home. To me, she done right and never should feel ashamed about brandishing a handgun in self defense to protect her home.


  1. "it might not be a good idea for a teen to use a firearm to defend herself at home."

    Well, thats standard liberal logic and/or think of the children mindset that many "conservatives" use when convenient.

    Teens shouldn't use a gun ever but a 13 year girl old should always get an abortion without parental notification. Need a advil for pains? Go to the nurse for permission or get arrested/suspended. Kid needs their appendix out? Doc needs parents permission. Fight and die for your country at 18 but can't buy a handgun till 21. Etc. etc..