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Jan 22, 2012

The writing on the wall

More & more folks are seeing the writing on the wall.  Most of these are new comers and they are worried.

via Down Range

I did not think much more about it till I visited a good size gun shop here last Saturday. I was shocked, the parking lot was full and inside the store you could hardly find a spot at the counter (and like I said this is a large gun shop).
The store had 3 telephones on speed dial trying to get background checks done, the phones were on speaker so I could hear them. The applications were stacked up because of the wait. I heard an employee saying they had not seen this much activity before, apparently it was over the entire country.


  1. Glad I got mine early. Now all I buy is ammo, and that comes to the door in a big brown truck : )

    1. Yep. I have a few more items I need to get this year. New pistols from the Mrs & me along with a couple of long guns, 410 & 20ga for the kids.

  2. Was at Cabelas Sat at 0900 and was 2nd in line. By the time I was walking out at 0930 there must have been 50 citizens waiting to add to the number of guns in circulation. God Bless America :)