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Feb 18, 2012

Hill County town fears police

The town of Covington, Tx is scared of the police force.  Literally!!!!

This JBT is running rough shod over the town folk.

Covington is one of those quaint little places that Texas has many of. It’s a small town of, at last count, 283 citizens. That’s a small town.

Covington is, according to some of it’s citizens, and members of the City Council, a town in trouble, one that is chafing under the thumb of what appears to a dictatorial, power hungry megalomaniac.
Some of these small towns get folks in office and they become dictators.  There is only one way to get rid of them.  

Here is a bit of info from a former employee of the PD.

Former Covington police officer Kayla Richardson said the trouble began one year ago when she discovered drugs missing from the police evidence locker. She said the only cop who didn’t take a lie detector test was Lawrence.

“Once he found out that I was the one who told on him, he wanted me gone,” she said. One month later, Richardson was fired. The police chief accused her of not showing up to work when she was supposed to.

At a city council meeting last November, Richardson says the chief ordered the arrests of her boyfriend and a former mayor. Richardson’s boyfriend was charged with assault.

The ex-mayor was charged with credit card abuse. Both claim it was out of retaliation.

The day after the arrests, former Covington Fire Chief George Burnett gathered more than 60 signatures, nearly 25 percent of Covington residents, petitioning to have the police department disbanded.

That’s when Burnett says he was threatened by the chief.
 When will folks get tired of the abuses and stand up to the bullies??????

All is takes is one to make the first stand and the rest will follow.

Just look at PATCOM uprisings.


  1. Those folks should surround the PD with "pitchforks and torches". Run those buggers out on a rail! What part of "public SERVANT" do they not understand?!!

  2. Yeah thid would be an easy fix as Craig suggested :)