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Feb 24, 2012

Shake Downs & Petty Crooks

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You have heard of little incorporated areas getting away with all kinds of shit?

I got nailed by this town about 7 years ago.  Because I didn't stop for 5 seconds and a stop sign, you know a city ordinance.  Cost me $288 and the judge, & the cop was as crooked as a bent nail.  A guy at work last month got hit because his license plate frame was covering about 1/2" of "Texas" on his rear plate.

Now this comes to light.  All the chickens are coming home to roost.

PATTON VILLAGE, Texas -- A Montgomery County grand jury has indicted Patton Village Mayor Pamela Munoz and six other city officials on criminal charges ranging from abuse of official capacity to theft by a public servant, the Montgomery County District Attorney's Office announced Friday.

Also indicted were City Secretary Georgia Simons, Court Clerk Patricia Edmondson, and four current and former Patton Village police officers: Kenneth McLin, Michael Seymour, William Martin and Deangelo Lavergne. Three other former police officers were charged with additional criminal offenses in other counties as a result of the investigation, prosecutors said.

Many of the suspects were arrested on open warrants Friday afternoon.

The investigation began in late September of 2011, when the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office received information about possible illegal activity on the part of Patton Village officials and city employees.

On October 4, 2011, the DA’s office and the Texas Rangers executed a search warrant on the city offices, seizing computers, financial reports, payroll records, invoices, contracts, bank records and other documents.


  1. They weren't "rendering unto Caesar" his cut I'll wager...

  2. There was a little municipality called New Albany, Ohio that sounds just like this. The state finally shut them down a few years ago. The mayor and council president ran a small money making police department that covered all of about four city blocks. There used to be a web site where people would relate their experiences and tales of woe at the hands of the New Albany PD. There are Boss Hoggs everywhere.