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Feb 20, 2012

Va Cop Shoots 54yr old Sunday School Teacher

An eyewitness account tells a different story.

It seems like she was shot because she didn't obey the JBT's orders.

Link to video of witness interview.

Via MyFox DC
Virginia State Police say the Culpeper police officer who shot a middle-aged women, Thursday, did so because he was being dragged by the woman's car. 54-year-old Patricia Cook was killed by multiple shots fired by the officer.

Late Thursday morning, an unfamiliar vehicle driven by a woman appeared in the parking lot of the middle school building of Epiphany Catholic School in Culpeper. Police were called, and a town officer arrived to investigate.

Virginia State Police, who are conducting the investigation, say the responding town officer was conversing with Pat Cook, and, "while attempting to retrieve her identification, the woman suddenly closed her driver's side
window, trapping the officer's arm and started driving away dragging the officer alongside. The officer repeatedly commanded the woman [to] stop the moving vehicle. She refused and shots were fired."

Cook's Jeep Wrangler wound up crashing into a utility pole about a block away. She was apparently dead at the scene.

Pat Cook's husband, Gary, is baffled by the explanation. Gary Cook said his wife's car had no power windows. "Crank [windows]," Cook explained, "old fashioned crank [windows]."

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