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Feb 6, 2012

Who Am I ????????

Where am I NOT a criminal, a wanted "Domestic Terrorist", an enemy of the State?

Anywhere I go, I will be targeted by a tyrannical regime of thugs who wear badges.

Airport Service Providers General Aviation Mass Transportation
Beauty/Drug Suppliers General Public Military Surplus
Bulk Fuel Distributors Hobby Shops Peroxide Explosives
Construction Sites Home Improvement Recognizing Sleepers
Dive/Boat Shops Hotels/Motels Rental Cars
Electronics Stores Internet Cafes Rental Properties
Farm Supply Stores Shopping Malls Rental Trucks
Financial Institutions Martial Arts/Paintball Storage Facilities
Tattoo Shops

We live in a society where you are encouraged & rewarded to snitch on your own family, friends & neighbors.

They want us to go along, follow orders, be a good sheeple. 

I can not do this.  

I am not wired that way .

I will resist in any way possible.

WHO AM I ????



  1. Yes, Sir and soon to be provoked.

  2. A patriot? Yup you are on the list.

    By the way, I like the new look.


  3. Thanks Mozart. I tried the old west style for a little and it just didn't work. One of those learn as you go things.