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Mar 10, 2012

Not even my new penis cast

Man o man o man.

How many of us have had nightmares of breaking our dicks?

Here is a detailed "after incident" run down on one of Balko's friends who did just this.

Read & cringe.

Zero minutes after incident (a.i.)
Pain. Ow. That’s real pain. I move her off me and roll onto my stomach. Miscalculations have happened before; a few seconds of discomfort and then it's go time again. I roll back over and look down to see if it’s go time again. I rise up off the bed: "Yeah, this… this isn't right." I sit back down. The woman beside me looks so horror-stricken, I try to sound especially calm when talking to 911. I don't tell the operator it's so swollen and purple that I'm afraid it'll burst at any moment. Instead I say, in an even, measured tone, “My penis is the shape, size and color of a baby eggplant.”


  1. Oh...my....gawd.....

  2. I worked as an ER nurse for 17 years and if you think that is disturbing you should see how they fix it. To this day it is one of the few things that actually makes me sick to my stomach

  3. That has to suck.... :(