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Apr 29, 2012

It's Hardwired

Real world life & death shit.

The sheeple don't understand.  But then again, they haven't since the dawn of time.  It's in their coding.

That's why the Lord coded some different.

The species of animal is irrelevant.

Nature is nature.

I wonders what the PTB's would do if someone paraded their trophy around like the Russians did in the end.


  1. Awesome!


  2. Looks like an Ovcharka. I have been enthralled by these for years. They will fight to the death defending their property, sheep or family. They are safe with the youngest baby in the house, but have to be trained religiously. They need to have something to do each day such as patrolling the perimeter and you need 6 foot high fences surrounding your property. They will accept strangers in the house, but only after being properly introduced. If your buddy came in and playfully slapped you on the shoulder, he would immediately be attacked. A burglar's sure death. It's really a full time job keeping one and why I've never done so. A beautiful dog.