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Apr 19, 2012

Bacon on the Hoof

Feral hogs are a menacing problem across Texas, and the folks at Wulf Outdoor Sports are making an organized effort to do something about it. The company’s 2nd Annual Wild Hog Round-Up set for April 11-21 is offering big prize money to registered contestants who remove the most and biggest hogs in a 20-county area across East Texas.

Wulf Sports Wild Hog Roundup.

The only thing missing is a smoker going at the weigh in's.

Last year they removed 700+ hogs on this contest.  With the spring rains that we have had, it's gonna be a bumper crop of hogs this year.

Main prize is $10k

The pig problem here in East Texas and through out the state is bad.  Last year alone they did $400M in damages to property.

The city of Center, Tx has ponied up $5k to whoever kills the most pigs in Shelby county.

Here is the score so far as of this morning.

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