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Jun 14, 2012

Exit Stage Left

This shows what proper exfil planning will do FOR you.

While the background of the story is irrelevant, with his planning and execution of that plan, he has a good lead on LEO chasing him.

His planning ate up a whole bunch of resources and personnel for 15+ hours while they scoured close by for him.

via US News
Police Commissioner Daniel Derenda told reporters at a press conference Thursday that evidence now points to a carefully planned exit strategy devised by Dr. Timothy Jorden, 49, prior to the shooting.

Police searched unsuccessfully inside the hospital for more than four hours Wednesday. The sheriff’s department helicopter also hovered overhead for about two hours before leaving. The search moved to Jorden’s home near the Lake Erie shore, where police and SWAT team members in camouflage and unmarked SUVs blocked a road leading to the house. Police later said the house was empty after nine hours of searching.

They said all vehicles registered to Dr. Timothy Jorden, 49, have been accounted for.

How far could you get in 12 hours with a nondescript bug out car loaded out?

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