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Jun 11, 2012

Flashes of Memory from a Drunken Youth

Seeing this brought back many memories from another life.  

Flashes from the Vampire Club, Head Shed, Nipa Hut & the Fire & Ice.

Sitting on the balconies drinking San Miguels or Red Horse.  Throwing peso coins to the street kids.

Riding the Jeepney's and having trike races

Would I do it again.....?  ;)

Philippine government gives OK for US to use old bases


  1. Damn, how come I got older and all the girls stayed young.....?:)

    The Three Degrees - When Will I See You Again
    Goodness, do I remember this song from Angeles City, PI '74-'75 during a few months receiving cobalt treatment at the Makati Medical Center in Manila and wonder where Nanette of 275 Laguna Street is now? The most beautiful girl ever.

  2. SO many fun memories from my time there.

    I remember one night I was walking back to the Friendship gate. I was hammered and had this billy boy trying to get me to pay him.

    He was persistent. When I got close to the gate, all the young street kids were hanging out as usual begging for money.

    I pulled out a fist full of coins and that got all the kids attention. So I said, "throw rocks at the billy boy" and threw the coins on the ground.

    The kids were grabbing and throwing and the billy boy was running and screaming. And I walked through the gate.