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Jun 10, 2012

So there's this drunk in a skidder.....

Man what a night at work. 

You can't make up stupid shit like this.

So I was sitting here at work when there were some faults on the transmission lines from Shepherd to Cypress.  These are substations on the transmission line route.  These are 138KV lines that you see crisscrossing the countryside.

The fault was big enough that it caused the breaker to lock open and this caused one of our substations to go dark.  The fault was located around the area in the map.  Just so happens that the center of the below map is where a road, rail road tracks and transmission lines intersect.

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One of our linemen calls me and says that a buddy of his saw a drunk joyriding in a log skidder and tore down one of the above structures.  It and the lines hit the ground on the road and across some R&R tracks.  Big mess.

You gotta love an inventive drunk.
Like I said you can't make up crazy shit like that.

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