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Jul 4, 2012

Chaplains and Clergy of the Revolution

While doing some research for a presentation my wife asked me to do for the district Baptist WMA (Women's Missionary Assoc) meeting that I was intrigued by Rev. Jonas Clark of Lexington.

He, and many like him during that time, are what we are in dire need of today in the churches of America. The preached from the pulpit; liberty, freedom, justice and according to the British....SEDITION.

This has led me through a maze of different articles and books on the Revolutionary War period.

I am now reading a book titled "Chaplains and Clergy of the Revolution".  This book was published in 1864.  Headley covers most of the major men of the cloth who influenced the America's fight for freedom.

Jonas Clark was married to the cousin of John Hancock.  Hancock was a frequent guest at the Clark house and as such both had a great influence on each other.   Clark was the pastor of Lexington. it was he who put out the call to the green at Lexington.

When Paul Revere made his ride, it was to Clark's house as that is where Samuel Adams and John Hancock were staying.

One of the many patriots who birthed this nation.

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