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Aug 14, 2012

Ghosts of the woods

How many of you hunters have just had a deer materialize from no where?

I know I have.

I just had some family property logged.  Here are some of the prospects for the upcoming deer season.

Hopefully my girls will bag one or two of these nice bucks.  

My littlest one is 8 and this will be her first season.  Be nice if she could bag big this one.


  1. Not to wish bad on ya, but a few years back I got 2 10 points in the same frame. I had a hard time not jumping out of my shoes when I seen that. It obviously a night shot (pic.) I hunted harder than ever that year. Never seen em again. Here is hoping you better. : )

    1. I know. I got a running shot at the 10 point last year and missed. I passed on one 8 pt as he was really young.

      My feeder is about 20 yds behind where the camera is positioned. With it there I took a 6 pt and 3 does last year and had around 25+ deer coming in on it.

      This year since we are getting rain, a food plot or 2 is going in next month as well as the feeders.

      Hopefully this year will be more productive with more tags and some nice size rack bucks.