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Aug 8, 2012

Hoover Dam: Show your papers!!!

Why does Hoover Dam need active check points?

They are 300+ miles form the Mexican border.

Go figure?

A man didn't stop at a checkpoint approaching the Hoover Dam Tuesday evening before peacefully surrendering to authorities after realizing he was unable to get out, officials said.

After driving through the check point on the Nevada side, authorities raised a barrier trapping the man between a SWAT truck and the barrier. He attempted to turn around, but had nowhere to go, said Rose Davis, a Bureau of Reclamation spokeswoman.


  1. Closing the noose, aren't they?

    Miss Violet

  2. Again I ask the question of when are we ready to fight??? Why is this checkpoint not forced to disband???? WHERE ARE THE REAL MEN OF THIS NATION??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Either "We the People" take control or we lose control!!

    We are quick to report a story like this and make comments but those who live in that area are scared to death to do anything about it. Where are the "OathKeepers, 3%, local militias etc.?? They are hiding quaking in their boots!

    Folks, we have lost the battle before it ever began. Our Forefathers and Veterans that perished defending this nation are spinning in their graves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. Doug,

      While we report these events/trespasses against our Liberty, for some that is all we can do in this realm.

      If something like this was in my AO, I would like to think that I would do something about it, but there are the family factors that have to be weighed in against that.

      But until I have to work through this, I can only pray that I would have the courage to do it as a preemptive/retaliatory strike.

  3. I think they are paranoid about someone blowing up the damn dam. A couple of years back my wife and I drove through there (Route 93), and got stuck in a line of cars that was - literally- over three miles long. I was headed to Reno, and would have had to go about three hundred miles out of my way if I had chosen to turn around, so I didn't. Until we got very close to it, there was no way of knowing it was a checkpoint. There was road construction going on there, so I "ass-u-me-d" it was due to the construction.

    I had the back of my pick-up filled to the brim with stuff I was bringing to my home from where I had stored it while we were living on our catamaran. One of the boxes had an "ORM-D" sticker on it (I had bought some gun powder years before and re-used the box), and the cop/Fed/whatever got pretty excited. I offered to let him check it out (only because I had visions of him throwing all of my stuff all over the parking area next to the checkpoint, and it had been a bitch to get all of it to fit under the hardshell cover to start with), but when he saw I wasn't worried about him looking in the box, he told me to carry on.

    I don't plan on going back through there in this lifetime, but I'd go the extra three hundred miles instead of waiting for hours in that damn line again.

    BTW, no one lives where this was taking place. It was about five or six miles south of the dam, and many miles (20 or 30? I can't remember) north of any town or even a wide spot in the road. No place to go except north to the dam or turn around and go south back to I-40.

    At the time, I figured they were looking for illegals. It didn't occur to me that it was the dam they were worried about. It also didn't occur to me that they might be interested in firearms, as they never asked. If they had been looking for guns, I would have been there for a while, as I had five in the truck at the time (.45, .40, .380, 12ga, and .22 rifle), and two of them on me.

    These f*ckers are pretty clever about where they locate their checkpoints. I now have an app on my laptop that lists any checkpoints reported in your current area, and I use it.

  4. Pay attention to what you're writing about. You come off as either ignorant off purposely false reporting. This check point has zero to do with border enforcement so proximity to the border in irrelevant an misleading.

    1. How is this misleading?

      I made no mention of INS or illegals. I made a geographical reference to the location of Hoover Dam.

      But we are talking about the SW US. An area known for illegals coming through, just like here in Texas. Where they have been known, as in AZ & NM, to run checkpoints 100+ miles from the border.

      In closing as most others have said.

      My blog so I will post whatever content and commentary I want. If you don't like that then don't let the door hit you in the ass.