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Aug 1, 2012

That Time of Year-Part 2

As I noted in the first part of this post it was the all those native plums hanging there to get ripe.  They are almost there.

Yesterday I picked 75lbs of pears off of 2 trees.  On one tree it was 57lbs of pears.  This little tree is 8ft tall and this was it's 3rd year of bearing fruit.

Oh what to make...decisions...decisions.  ;)

30lb will be used to make a 5gal batch of pear wine.  The remaining will be made into pear butter, jam & preserves.

Last month Wally World had some trees clearanced out at the garden center.  I picked up a couple of Chinquapin Oak about 12' tall.  A couple of live oaks about the same size and 3 Myers Lemon trees.

These lemon trees are 3' tall and already had some green fruit on them.  Once I replanted them with a little goat/chicken manure mixed in, they have shot mucho new leaves and bloomed again.

All 3 now probably have 15-20 little bitty lemons on them with more blooms coming on.

The best part is I paid $2/tree

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