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Jan 25, 2013

UPDATE: Academy Outdoors ammo restrictions

Academy Sports + Outdoors

I got this back form them on ammo restrictions.  Notice the calibers and the other items on the restricted list.

Make your own deductions, but if it smells like shit, then it usually is.

Good afternoon Rich,
Thank you for contacting Academy Sports + Outdoors. This temporary change in procedure is being made in an effort to be fair to all customers due to the high demand and limited quantities of ammunition, MSRs, MSR accessories, and handguns.
. Customers will be limited to the purchase of one (1) MSR per 7 day period.
. Customers will be limited to the purchase of one (1) Handgun per 7 day period.
. Customers will be limited to the purchase of one (1) MSR magazine per day.
. All ammunition will be merchandised at Customer Service and limited to:
o One (1) box per caliber, three (3) boxes total per customer per day for the
following calibers
- 9mm, 40, 45, .223, .5.56, .308, 22LR, 7.62, and 39
I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. If you have any other questions or concerns, please call us at (888) 922-2336. Any of our Customer Service Associates would be glad to assist you.
Thank you for choosing Academy Sports + Outdoors.
Aaron N.
Administrative Support Associate
Customer Care Center
Academy Sports + Outdoors
(888) 922-2336

I heard on the radio (KTRH Houston) this morning that Academy Outdoors was going to restrict the purchase of ammo to one box per person on certain ammo.

Has anyone else heard this or seen anything on it?


  1. No surprise. I was in one the other day and a clerk rolled out a cart of ammo fresh off the truck. The people were on him like Detroit'ers swarming an Obama Phone booth.

  2. I haven't heard, but our Academy has been stripped clean...

  3. There's definately a great deal to know about this issue. I love all the points you made.
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  4. Have heard of similar from several people I know. Most are saying that there is a 2 box limit on popular ammo (NO case sales). My local GS is even limiting 22LR ammo to one box per customer, 2 boxes if you buy anything chambered for 22LR. Says he can't get anymore anytime soon and needs to be able to provide ammo for any firearm he sells.

  5. David in MOJanuary 23, 2013

    Our Academy store limits purchases of .22, .40, 9mm and 5.56 ammo to one box of each per customer (when they have it anyway!)

  6. I can't even find any .22LR to buy locally, period.

  7. I'll never darken the door again....they have bowed to and kissed Zero's ass.

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  9. Academy's are educational institutions, aren't they? Put that with Sport and it has to stink. I agree.

  10. The Academy in conroe has this policy posted at the ammo section. Went there sunday evening - they had none of the 'restricted ammo' for sale. Only a few boxes of 270 and 30-06. They did however have some boxes of 38 and 10mm, no buckshot or slugs, some 45 Colt, some .17, no 22lr, one or two boxes of 300 WinMag, a few boxes of 300 WSM, that was about it.

  11. I'm an ohio resident, stopped at an academy in LA and was told their policy is they only sell long guns to residents of adjoining states. LA law allows sales to residents of any state for long guns and only LA residents get pistols.

    Is this a new policy?

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