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Jan 17, 2013

Blogger Police

Yesterday I got a couple concerned email asking if all was OK as my last post calling Mike Vanderbough a 2 faced communist was MIA.

Well it appears the stasi blogger police did a no knock on me and wiped out many recent post relating to that subject and similar.

I guess thats one of the risks when you click "I agrre to the terms" button.

But I will not be deterred.


  1. Which is why so many of us are now on Wordpress brother. Glad you weren't snatched up by the men in black.-55six

  2. I tried to read that post twice I wondered what happened.Christ we have banks telling us we can't buy guns. a Dicator president and his goon squad telling what guns are ok,what healthcare,govt agency's telling us what food we can eat.Now more and more the private sector is going to try and dictate what we can do and say? Fuck em all! I for have pretty much reached my limit,no one from here dictates anything to me From job in the morning to Herr President his gun issues again Fuck em all!