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Feb 8, 2013

On the Horizon

I was taking to a friend yesterday.  His wife is fairly well placed in the USPS. 

The discussion was that on the 2012 USPS W-2's the amount that the employer pays into health insurance was on the W-2, but not taxed.

He said that there are meetings going on that they are discussing that this amount will be taxed income on the 2013 W-2's.

Is anyone else hearing this?

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  1. retired postal here. In the past, this benefit has not been taxed, in fact, the amount you pay for your share of the premium is pre-tax. That means it is subtracted from your gross, lowering your taxable income. For quite a few years now the money-grabbing IRS and politicos have been complaining about the fact that health insurance benefits should be taxable, so......watch for them to make it so, and likely soon, too. Also they do not like the idea of all that retirement fund money just sitting around out there untaxed (until and as I withdraw it-then it is taxable). So I also expect them to figure out a way to tax the whole of it, and then again when it is actually paid to you. We get the govt we vote for....