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Apr 15, 2013

UPDATE: Just like Waco & Ruby Ridge...

4/16/13  1230

Yep nothing to see there.  Just like RITR says.

Notice their search wording:

IP Address: International Monetary Fund (

Location: Entry:  Washington, District of Columbia, United States

Page Time:  Apr 16 2013 12:06:38 PM
Search Referral:   search.yahoo.comboston marathon ruby ridge patriot day

UPDATE:  3rd blast @ JFK Library

We know the outcome here
U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder spoke with FBI Director Robert Mueller and U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz, a Justice Department official said.

The snitch line is running full blast
"If you see something, say something," Mark Boughton, mayor of Danbury, Connecticut, wrote on Twitter. "All cities will be on a heightened state of alertness per Homeland Security protocols."


Just like Waco & Ruby Ridge; we know who they will blame.

Two bombs exploded near the finish of the Boston Marathon on Monday, killing two people, injuring 23 others and sending authorities rushing to aid wounded spectators, race organizers and police said.


  1. Johnny GeeApril 15, 2013

    The big question is ;were they holding a federal anti-terrorism drill in the vacinity? That is the sure sign this was false flag event.

    1. Funny you should mention that......apparently they were holding a "bomb drill" of some sort...

  2. There were families of the slain at Newtown in the area. The final mile was dedicated to Newtown slain. Regardless of the truth, this will be blamed on constitutionalists. The demons (I refuse to insult vultures be comparing leftist agitators to them) at CNN are already blaming the tea party.