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Sep 28, 2013

Dallas County TX: Vision 3

Looks like Dallas County Warrants Division has acquired themselves a sparkly MRAP.

According to the Commissioner Court on page 21-24 it's stategic plan for it is:

Providing the Warrants Execution Division with an MRAP tactical vehicle is aligned with Vision 3 Dallas County is Safe, Secure and Prepared and Strategy 3.1 Synergize Public Safety Programs and Services across Dallas County
I'll bet they plan on squeez'n some folks nuts with this.  All at NO COST.



  1. I suppose that it's either distribute these to local LEO's, or give them over to the Chinese to recycle. Like they are currently doing in the small town of Miller's Cove, TX. Unbeknown to the American public, who remain asleep.

    1. Please elaborate on ths... Do you have a link to a story or somethig?