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Sep 11, 2013


We are perhaps growing into a another Great Awakening.  People are realizing that fiat money is worthless and that tagibles are the true currency.

Just as Bill and Sam preach on supporting things local, this trend is catching on like a wildfire.  Peoples eyes are opening and they are seeing that being prepared is not just something that crackpots and conspiracy folks are doing.  It is a return to yesteryear.

The above flyer came in from my county Extension Office.  If you live the in the East Texas area, you might want to thnk about attending.

In November, Henderson, Tx hold their annual Heritage Syrup Festival.  I plan on attending to see about obtaining some heirloom cane starts and browsing for some the things that the old folk will haggling over and pick up some lip smak'n homemade syrup.


  1. Grab me a bottle while you're there....I haven't had a taste of cane syrup in years. And, I agree, barter and tangible assets are our future.

  2. That is awesome. Sure hope to get some of that going down here...

  3. Think that I'll mosey on down that way. That's more in my neck o the woods, and it's been a long time since I've been there. Have some old friends I might look up while there, and get to see how things might have changed. International Paper has (had?) a big place there. Never knew they had syrup. Might give me some ideas for what we are looking to do up this way on 10 acres we purchased from the Union Pacific.