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Dec 12, 2011

False Beliefs

AGM-114 Guidance Unit
If you believe for a minute that our PTB will not hurt US citizens in their quest for more power, then you are living in a fantasy world.


All you have to do is look at what is happening all around the world.

Danger Room has a post up this morning about the "secret drone war" in the NWT of Pakistan.  They don't care if they kill children, blow up houses, etc.

The epicenter of global terrorism, and the CIA's highly classified drone war against extremist groups, is a black hole on the map -- a region of Pakistan off limits to outsiders, and especially Westerners. It’s an area so dangerous that even the Pakistani military avoids it. The CIA may have launched 70 drone strikes in tribal Pakistan in 2011 alone. But Americans, like the rest of the world, have no idea what the area looks like, or who lives there.

Before posting Behram's photos we took a number of measures to confirm as best we could what was being shown. We verified Behram’s bona fides with other news organizations. We sifted through the images, tossing out any pictures that couldn’t correlate with previously reported drone attacks. Then we grilled Behram in a series of lengthy Skype interviews from Pakistan, translated by Akbar, about the circumstances surrounding each of the images.

We see it everyday in the news as these " goat herders" and "insurgents" are just trying to wage a media war against the righteous govt. of the United States.  Just ask the Libyans

Hell, the folks in North Dakota saw just this happen this past weekend.  All for some missing cows.  The only thing missing was the Hellfires on the drone.

David Koresh thought the same thing.  Just like Randy Weaver at Ruby Ridge.

Just give it some time.