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Dec 12, 2011


What's in a name?

What happens when a product is renamed?  It's usually because it was crap and it wouldn't sell.

What happens when a company renames?  Usually not much.  They got bought out, had to restructure because of financials, etc.  No biggie.

But what happens when the rename...I mean rebrand themselves after a scandal.

Ah the light comes on a little brighter now.

They have been bought out by the same people again and now carry the name of...

via Danger Room

After all that has gone on in the USA in the last week with NDAA and the drone thing in N. Dakota and this and that.  Or HERE or HERE or HERE.

Do I need to keep going?

Well you get a big stinky pile of horseshit. 

It doesn't matter what you cover it with.  It stinks like horse shit under it all.

So if these folks who are all about training & such can do this to some local Iraqi

So like I posted earlier about False Beliefs.  Don't think for a minute you are exempt.

 What makes you think that these guys won't do like the below pic in Iraq to US citizens?

I saw them personally light up civilian cars in the Green Zone because a car got to close as they PASSED the car.


  1. Bought and paid for mercenary hitmen.

    Our tax dollars at work.


  2. Where to begin. Majority of those evil mercs work for the State Dept.. we are all former military ourselves and you all should know better about believing everything you here on the news. What you were refering to about them shooting vehicles in Iraq is that there was an extremely high threat of VBIED's car bombs and majority of them held bubbles around their convoys same with the military. Like your blog though except this narrow minded post that buys into the liberal BS