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Dec 26, 2011

Family Survival

Mozart had a post up tonight that made me think of a conversation that I had with my daughters a while back.

My oldest one was asking some questions that most 14 yr olds don't think about.  They were along the lines of the bad people coming into our home.

These weren't the robber types, these were the Jose Guerena types of boogie men.

We sat down and discussed different things about our Country and how things are moving along down the bad path.

If we ever had terrorists like this come into our house, I explained what they were to do.

As a parent this was almost as hard as the sex talk.  In many ways, it was far more important

Kids have a way of being far more perceptive than we give them credit for.

Take the time and plan for your family's survival.  Not just for this type, but for many more.  You never know where the boogie man will pop up.


  1. It is indeed a sad truth that we in this day have to be concerned about our own government enough to make tactical decisions with our families.

    Has to be done though, the wolf is at the door.


  2. Everybody needs to know their role and what to do in case of a raid. Hard to do with kids but it has to be done - you're going to have enough going on without having to worry about their safety.