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Dec 26, 2011

Indian Scribblings

I found this at PPJ Gazette.

A very interesting piece that links "Indian Scribblings"  that have been found all over the world and were considered a type of graffiti, are in fact writings from a time before the Tower of Babel.  When God dispersed all the people to the corners of the earth and confused them by making them speak different languages in Gen Ch 11

Just one more time while science is trying to disprove God, they provide more & more evidence of Him and the accuracy of the Bible.

via PPJG

I stumbled across a footnote for the Great Atlantis Search in an old Arizona Highways article (Circa 1940s)—“Ancient Manuscripts on American Stone” by William Coxon—one afternoon while looking for something to read in a waiting room in Houston, Texas.  

Coxon, a photographer and archaeologist who died in Arizona in 1963, traveled to Mexico in the late Thirties and stopped by the Mazatlan tourist information center to gather information for a presentation for the locals when he returned home. While there, he encountered Don Manuel, an archaeologist and Aztec who researched ancient history; his in particular. Finding out Coxon was from Arizona, he asked him to take some pictures of certain petroglyphs there when he got home and send them to him and, if he would come by his office the following day, they would talk about it.

Coxon wrote he wasn’t sure what petroglyphs Don Manuel was talking about, and so borrowed some information at the hotel where he was staying. The next day he met with Manuel and told him he was sure there were no petroglyphs in Arizona. It was then Manuel relayed to him his Aztec legend:

“. . . according to the legends of my ancestors, the Nahuatl tribes came to this continent from Atlantis, and crossed overland to the Valley of the Great Salt Lake. Later, they migrated from there to the Valley of the River Gila, and established their first capital. After living there several centuries, they migrated onto the Mexican Plateau. You will find their petroglyphs in Arizona.”

When Coxon returned to his hometown, he made a talk to the Rotary about his trip, spoke of his encounter with Don Manuel, and asked that if anyone had seen petroglyphs of this nature to let him know after the meeting. To his surprise, several men approached and told him where he could find them.

This led Coxon on a journey of discovery. Along the way, he asked the so-called experts at the University of Arizona about them, and they informed him the petroglyphs were simply ‘Indian scribblings,’ or a form of ‘Indian graffiti.’

Nonetheless, he photographed and cataloged the petroglyphs and, after reading the books available during his time, discovered that Dr. Thor Heyerdahl had discovered the same common symbols on rock in the Marquesas Islands. Coxon kept reading and found identical symbols had been discovered in Macedonia, Assyria, Crete, India, South America, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, the Canary islands off North Africa; along the River Nile from the Cataracts south, along the Orange River of South Africa, and in the Egyptians’ hieroglyphics; all of which were older than the written language of Egypt.

Not only did he find this ‘rock art’ predated Mesopotamia, but that it wasn’t rock art all—it was a written language he dubbed stone writing—with four of the five characteristics required of language. He theorized the symbols predated our known history when inhabitants of earth must have operated under one language, portions of which were later adopted by the Egyptians.

The Tower of Babel came to mind as I read.

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