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Jan 4, 2012

Citizen Attacks Cop On Youtube Video

What's interesting is this man comes out of nowhere.

Once again, citizens are getting fed up with the CopDom crap LEO's are doing against them.

via Photog Not a Crime

A video posted on Youtube shows a pair of Baltimore police officers struggling with a suspect before another man walks up and punches one of the officers in the face, prompting the two officers to turn their attention to him, apparently allowing the first man to go free.

One of is the officers is on his back with the second suspect on top of him when a third cop runs up and kicks him in the face, which allows them to eventually handcuff and detain him.

There is not much more information on the incident, according to The Baltimore Sun, which still hasn’t determined when the incident took place. The video was uploaded to Youtube early this morning.


  1. I believe there will be more than hands used in the future. Posted.

  2. Excellent find. One man Ruckus, and Brock is right...we will see this again, on steroids.


  3. I concur with the two esteemed Gentlemen's comments.


  4. Yep. The push back is beginning. The retaliation in the neighborhoods where this happens is gonna escalate things till open season is understood by both sides.
    Gonna get messy.